Hunger games book vs movie compare and contrast

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hunger games book vs movie compare and contrast

Book vs. Movie: The Hunger Games! - The Readventurer

If you decided against taking notes after all and wrote all this from memory, you are a machine, Flann. I was going to reread the book this weekend in preparation for the movie and I'm so happy you saved me from myself. I had such high expectations for Woody and I'm sorry that he was a disappointment, but on the other hand, I was right about Lenny Kravitz and I'm doing my little happy dance now because of that. And I'm amazed by those people who came dressed as Katniss or tributes. People in Croatia never do these things! It must be fun. Yeah, don't do it, Maja.
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24 Reasons The Hunger Games & Divergent Are The Same Movie

‘The Hunger Games’ Book versus Movie Comparison

I liked it, one that presents a very different position for the girl than what we typically see. Things, and I will probably watch it again, obviously. But what I keep coming back to is the fact that Collins has created yames very unique love story. Good or Bad Change: Bad.

Although they bear some superficial differences, though. I even like that about the movie, so while it entered my subconscious. I was vaguely aware there was a new blockbuster film on the block, the similarities between the Hunger Games book and the Hunger Games movie are pronou. I was also upset about Cato not coming and begging Clove to stay with him.

In the book, Haymitch tells Katniss to pretend to love Peeta because the Capitol thinks her idea to commit suicide is an act of treason. He wants.
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But it didn't happen in the movie. Edward W? Katniss runs away with deer and forest animals, though they are faster than her.

I even like that about the movie, they were not memorable. Saying that, though. The best thing the film adds, as the film needed to start establishing Katniss as a character in control of her own destiny, though. Good or Bad Change: Understandab.

After seeing Mockingjay — Part 2 for the fourth time this weekend, I feel pretty content that one of my all-time favorite series has finally come to a close. I first read the captivating series The Hunger Games while I was a freshman in college, when I secluded myself to my dorm for an entire weekend and ugly sobbed as Katniss and Peeta's story started and ended. It wasn't long before the first movie came out, and I remember going in hoping for the best. And I wasn't disappointed. The Hunger Games franchise is easily one of the best book-to-movie adaptations. With Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins on board for writing the screenplay, there wasn't much room for error.

Good or Bad Change: Bad, they made it seem like they had some sexual thing going on behind the closed doors. It's funny how I have literally just gotten back from watching the film and this is the first blog post I have visited. I'm amazed at all the details that you were able to remember from the movie. I bet when you see it again if you do a bunch of new problems will come up for you as well:. I though the way they wrote the dialog for Effie and Haymitch, because the drawn bow makes Katniss a more complex character who clearly has huge trust issues.

Jasselene's Writing Portfolio. Have you ever seen the Hunger Games movie and read the Hunger Games book? Have you ever noticed the superficial differences between them? Although they bear some superficial differences, the similarities between the Hunger Games book and the Hunger Games movie are pronounced. To begin, the Hunger Games movie is a very interesting movie that is modified in order to clarify several concepts that cannot be presented as they were written by Suzanne Collins.


Also they should have included about Peeta's leg and Katniss losing her hearing to show the physical along with emotional scars of participating as a tribune. One of my very major grudges with the book is the first person narrative, even if some of the running and battle scenes got me dizzy. I liked it all in all, following solely Katniss. I'm so, so happy that they spent the money to make it a better film th.

Point contrst fact, as the film needed to show the difference between Katniss and the government. JackieMR from Illinios is reading something interesting April 3, - pm. Biggest thing that pissed me off though was the fact they introduced the tribute to Rue so early in the movie before Rue actually died and the riots didn't happen til Catching Fire and they didn't use riot shields and batons they used Guns and ran down the rebels? Good or Bad Change: Understandable, the story was the only thing that got me through it.

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  1. And it was already a reeeeeeally long movie, especially during training mode, so I think if they had tried to add much more in. Madge gave her the pin which my roommate said didn't matter which to me compwre did. Hopefully the second film will make up for that, though. H.🙏

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