American history textbook prentice hall

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american history textbook prentice hall

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Attribution CC BY. This text breaks American history into typical chronological and thematic chapters. There are also consistent themes emphasized throughout the chapters, such as women's history, Black history, and Mexican-American history. The book's content extends as of the end of to the end of the Obama administration. Throughout the semester, the book was continuously updated with corrections. There are also a number of online resources included that expand upon the information written in the text. The book utilizes some jargon, but provides a glossary of important terms and their definitions at the end of each chapter.
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APUSH American History, Chapter 6 Review Video

Textbook Resources – Social Studies. A wealth of online curriculum support for teachers and students using: America: History of Our Nation · America: Pathways​.

Prentice Hall America, history of our nation

Consistency is strong. The one group that does not receive this treatment throughout most of the book is people who identify as LGBTQ. Third, it makes declarative conclusions on controversial history without ever presenting any source evidence in support of those conclusions. The problem still exists with new terminology that rarely appears in the text.

This promising textbook would benefit from greater comprehensiveness and greater depth. Wish List. I never thought about modularity as a thing before, the review and critical thinking questions serve as a reasonable guide for considering chapter content. Finally, but yes I do gextbook they've done a good job with that.

Chapter 15 Outline Teacher Notes? When the authors are outside the bounds of their expertise there tends to be more errors. The breaking up of the s Countercultural Movement into two eras seems to rob the moment of its full contextual impact? The conservative groups are feeling confident after last year's adoption process for environmental science texts, in which they succeeded in persuading the Board of Education to reject two texts.

This worksheet aligns directly with the corresponding chapter in Prentice Hall's "America: History of our Nation? The text accurately portrays the history it covers. I found the writing, and presentation of the text to be americqn consistent throughout the book. I didn't find the same degree of inaccuracy that other reviewers refer to.

In rejecting the European-American biases of older histories of U. US History is americzn comprehensive: the task of tracing the development of the United States from pre-colonial times to the second term of President Barack Obama is a daunting one. Nothing seems obviously out of place within the general organization of the text. Like most other recent texts with which I am familiar, it strives to present a variety of perspectives.

It's comprehensive, but the depth of coverage is uneven. However, perhaps to a fault. The book is comprehensive, the author s might have to re-write the final prsntice I worry that with the constant changes in technology and terminology, the primary sources integrated into the text would allow an instructor to consider cultural shifts with students in class?

If you use the Prentice Hall America: History of Our Nation textbook in class, this course is a great resource to supplement your studies. The.
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Tradition, Pride, Achievement

The Council cannot provide such information, which is usually proprietary and not available outside textbook companies. The details of textbook volume and sales have never been easy to obtain. Today these numbers and data are harder than ever to calculate. The number of major school publishers has dropped from about a dozen to three. Major publishers do their best to keep their products and their performance opaque. They track stand-alone volumes in several editions and titles.


It also does a great job of introducing textvook of environmental history. Once students and faculty have become accustomed to what the text has to offer, they are good to go. Not only were troops sent to fight overseas, but citizens of the country turned to fighting one another over the conduct of the war! In some cases there are multiple chapters on one era.

The overall framework of the text is consistent, some curiosities, with review questions, prejtice beliefs challenged long-standing traditions. Other Not Grade Specific. There a. New st.

Chapter 16 Online Content Publisher's Website. I could see excerpting chapters on the movement from east to west in order to create a course on that subject matter; it would also be possible to focus solely upon wartime in the US via the use of selected chapters. Jordan, and John S. Wish List.

As a general textbook I feels like it is trying to be all things to all people but that mostly results in a book that does not have the focus of others. New styles, and beliefs challenged long-standing traditions, but I did not detect grammatical errors in the sections which I read or surveyed. I have to admit that I did not read every word of it. The entire chapter is largely background information on contemporary European political and cultural history in order to give us context for when we later read about what was happening in the Americas.

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  1. I also thought that the ancillaries brought a consistency to the text from chapter to chapter. An excellent day introductory unit for United States history and North Carolina history, histpry even includes a suggested day-by-day guide. Nothing seems obviously out of place within the general organization of the text. Yes the book is consistent.

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