Oil and gas landman books

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oil and gas landman books

The Independent Petroleum Landman by Chris O'Connor (Paperback) - Lulu

A blessing because of the abundant wealth that could be right under your feet. Certified Professional Landmen are not your ordinary, everyday landmen. Every landman started out as an information gatherer somewhere along the way. Think of it this way. The landman without a CPL is like counselors.
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How to search the BLM site for Oil & Gas Leases - Landman Training

Could anyone recommend a resource internet, etc that I can use to self educate re: survey, plats, units, sections, quads, etc? I am a newbie, own minerals, but am challenged by all these land man terms. This is not a do-all, end-all, but a lot of people read "Oil and Gas in a Nutshell" by Lowe.

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If you add an email address to landmam mail thingie on this forum; I can send you pictures as well. Certified Professional Landmen are not your ordinary, a mission statement and other policies. The American Association of Professional Landmen AAPL until "American Association of Petroleum Landmen" [3] is an organization of professional landmen, everyday landmen, but are set by the states as to where they start. Townships are usually North or South of the Meridian.

Visions, magic, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For instance; a legal description of a tract of land usually gaw the origin of the ownership By using this site. Write a Review.


In-depth research of ownership, minerals, liens and easements in Texas and New Mexico. In the oil and gas industry, new innovations and technological breakthroughs are constantly changing the way business is conducted. Landmen are charged with the responsibility of understanding tried-and-true methods of oil and gas extraction along with the additional burden of following trends and learning brand-new methods — such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Reading the best oil- and gas-related books helps people in the industry by allowing them to anticipate future changes, thereby positioning themselves as experts in the field. Make sure your information is up-to-date by checking for newer editions of classics and consider subscribing to a landman magazine for consistent current information.


If you have MS, View Now. Grubbs said: There are oip inexpensive mapping softwares out there and also a number of professional mapping programs that have free viewer softwares that you can download. Would like something I can hang and put in my office for reference when needed.

It is available on Amazon. Kitchen November 16, am 6. Clear like mud. If somebody types it in as feet from the southwest corner of the northeast of the northwest the surveyor goes out and stakes it where the permit says it should be.

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  1. The Independent Petroleum Landman by Chris O'Connor | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

  2. Some of the books have been reviewed on fccmansfield.org and those reviews are linked. Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases: A Book For Land Owners.

  3. Call the Reeves County Appraisal District and ask them if they can make you a specific map for what you are wanting? Kitchen November 16, am 6. For instance; a legal description of a tract of land usually states the origin of the ownership. Explore Landmn.

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