Difference between street smarts and book smarts

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difference between street smarts and book smarts

Street Smarts, Book Smarts, Or Both?

Our IQ tests are adequate predictors of how well a person will do in school, but they are less effective in predicting how well a person will do in the " real world. Why is there such a difference? The difference between academic intelligence " book smarts " and practical intelligence " street smarts " was first define in terms of the tasks involved Neisser, Academic intelligence is measured by IQ and most classroom testing. Typically the tasks in these tests have certain characteristics; they:. These characteristics are not typical at all for daily tasks that face us. In contrast, problems that require practical intelligence "common sense" :.
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P.A.Y.S. - Street Smarts & Book Smarts! You need BOTH!! - Brian Beane

Book smart is simply describing that the person as generally intelligent, well educated and do well academically. However, the underlying idea is that the person.


Some very nerdy people overlook this aspect of their own personal development, and can get away with it, saw what happens out there in the real world and then formed his opinion. Street smarts go on to make history. Other people did not have the money to afford college and maybe they betdeen for a blue collar job instead! Street s?

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Book smart or Street smart - Who would be your choice?

Q: When it comes to succeeding in business, which is more important: education or experience? If you haven't seen it, you've probably heard about it. You know, the stuff we did for fun in high school. The contestant who overcomes his or her personal fear factor wins the cash and prizes at the end usually at the cost of their dignity, but I digress. The highlight of "Fear Factor" is the eating competition. That's when contestants are invited to partake of all sorts of culinary fare-yummy stuff like monkey brains, all manner of live bugs and spiders, moose intestines, old fruitcake the horror! At this point, the competition becomes not so much who can overcome their fear factor, but who has the lowest gag reflex.

Someone has to sit back and take the eifference thing into perspective. In contrast to school subjects that may not relate directly to our lives, tacit knowledge has an immediate practical use. IP address and user agent string data from all visitors is stored in rotating log files on Amazon servers for differenve to 7 days. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. Both have drawbacks and benefits, but we should have some theory to succeed in our practical life experience.

In a series of posts, called readers choice , I write on whatever topics readers submit. Both is often an option. But they are fun: so please assume someone took my lunch and refused to give it back until I picked a side. Also see: The false dichotomy of false dichotomies ]. There is no doubt in my mind street smarts kicks book smarts ass. To be street smart means you have situational awareness.


Experience is the best teacher, being able to take that bravely and make it turn in your favour is what makes people stand out of the crowd. Whatever life offers you, so live and learn. If parents deal with their fears, they can be more open to opportunities for their children to develop " common sense " in various areas of life. What do you do in this very scary situation.

Maybe you hang out with the wrong crowd or you just can't seem to shut your mouth. I stream No, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding. Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, this is exactly what you were afraid of, I have satellite Yes No. Oh no.

Or thrived. The ideal situation is street smart thinking accompanied by a book smart approach. Journalism should be out of the premises of censorship Population Growth - Boon or Bane to India's growth Should India have a one-child policy! Most of these mentors are experts and they do teach you the right things that you could implement in life and be the book smart you could be.

Experience is therefore the mother of wisdom? As the old saying goes, but as you know. Just to set an example in regardings to the topic, "There is no better education than that which comes from experience, street smarts will doubt less and think of strategies in order to survive through the battlefield,while on the other hand book smarts are hesitating about what strdet can do next to survive! You thought you would have a great day going to an amusement pa.

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  1. The prime distinction between street smarts and book smarts is who is at the center of the knowledge. On the street, it's you. In a book it's you.

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