Slam book questions and funny answers

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slam book questions and funny answers

Kiss or hold hands? (and other slam book questions) |

Favorite Actor n actress post one only? Kajol Favorite 2Songs two lines? Who looks like a used car saleman? Hottest person in IF? Answer Slambook Questions! Page of 6 Go Next Last.
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Latest WhatsApp Dare Messages and Games with Answers

J: Tell me a joke. Answer Slambook Questions. Awww That so sweet Irfan. Ciao for now.

Ever caught a virus, then. My BesprensMhey, disease or sickness. Dedicate a song for me. .

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In the last few days, I received a lot of WhatsApp dare messages from my friends. They always message me to answer those dare messages. Many times I failed to answer them and searched for WhatsApp dare messages with answers in Google. You can copy those dare messages here and ask your friends to solve them. Here is a killer collection of WhatsApp truth and dare questions, WhatsApp dare games with answers, WhatsApp dare messages with answers and many other WhatsApp messages to play with your girlfriends, boyfriends, and best friends. Even though they are many messaging applications , WhatsApp is the most popular and 1 messaging app for sending images, text messages and funny videos.


Nica Buu. Robert Pattinson and I could relive that day over and over ahswers Groundhog Day My Wish: World Peace I'm popular because: I'm friendly and kind Most important thing in my life : friends and family Siri,I'm so glad we are friends,you have become 1 of my Fanpop sisters,and you have such a kind,loving,giving,generous heart. I remember what fun it was to answer them. Vinu Nair.

Chris Evans Capt. If you give another chance to live ur life! Who was your first crush. Describe in one word, LIFE is.

She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. Nicknames people call you in general. W orms. Favorite friend.

Do the things that I haven't done in my past life. Fortunately or not, enough info had been stored in the slam book. What will be your r eaction, when you will find out that your crush has a cru sh on you. Someone who knows all your secrets.

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  1. Hi friends Are you ready to answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then the questions are: Your Name/​Petname? Are u working or Studying or.

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