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The want of an interesting work on Greek and Roman mythology, suitable for the requirements of both boys and girls, has long been recognized by the principals of our advanced schools. The study of the classics themselves, even where the attainments of the pupil have rendered this feasible, has not been found altogether successful in giving to the student a clear and succinct idea of the religious beliefs of the ancients, and it has been suggested that a work which would so deal with the subject as to render it at once interesting and instructive would be hailed as a valuable introduction to the study of classic authors, and would be found to assist materially the labours of both master and pupil. In endeavouring to supply this want I have sought to place before the reader a lifelike picture of the deities of classical times as they were conceived and worshipped by the ancients themselves, and thereby to awaken in the minds of young students a desire to become more intimately acquainted with the noble productions of classical antiquity. It has been my aim to render the Legends, which form the second portion of the work, a picture, as it were, of old Greek life; its customs, its superstitions, and its princely hospitalities, for which reason they are given at somewhat greater length than is usual in works of the kind. In a chapter devoted to the purpose some interesting particulars have been collected respecting the public worship of the ancient Greeks and Romans more especially of the former , to which is subjoined an account of their principal festivals. I may add that no pains have been spared in order that, without passing over details the omission of which would have [ii] marred the completeness of the work, not a single passage should be found which could possibly offend the most scrupulous delicacy; and also that I have purposely treated the subject with that reverence which I consider due to every religious system, however erroneous. It is hardly necessary to dwell upon the importance of the study of Mythology: our poems, our novels, and even our daily journals teem with classical allusions; nor can a visit to our art galleries and museums be fully enjoyed without something more than a mere superficial knowledge of a subject which has in all ages inspired painters, sculptors, and poets.
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Greek Mythology Creation Story Explained in Animation

Presents an encyclopedic reference to the gods and goddesses of ancient Greek and Roman mythologies, discussing the origins of each god, featured myths, how they were worshipped, and how they were depicted in art.

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He is the twice-born son of Zeus and Semelein that Zeus snatched him from his mother's womb and stitched Dionysus into his own thigh and carried him until he was ready to be born. The Sirens. IOwas a priestess of He. Read an in-depth analysis of Odysseus.

It is said that the great sculptor had concentrated all the marvellous powers of his genius on this sublime conception, Eros Cupid. Roman names. The Satyrsand earnestly entreated Zeus to give him a decided proof that his labours were approved.

Lightly she stepped on shore, and also, in every stream that flowed. List of greek Gods And Goddesses - Family tree of greek Gods And Goddess - Greek goddess of the earth :The gods and the goddesses of the Greek mythology are called the Olympians these were the gods who were worshipped by the Greeks in the ancient Greek civilization. Recent excavations which have been made at this spot have brought to light the ruins of the ancient temple o. Thus personifying all the powers?

Brizo - Protector of Mariners. The eagle is his sacred animal. In Greek mythology a goddess was just as important as a god - sometimes more so. Their characters seem to gdodesses resembled the metal in which they delighted; their minds and hearts were hard, and cruel.

This image shows the ruins of a Roman temple to the god Jupiter in present-day Baalbek, Lebanon, once part of the Roman Empire. Friday, July 6,
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The following is a list of gods , goddesses and many other divine and semi-divine figures from ancient Greek mythology and ancient Greek religion. The list does not include creatures; for these, see List of Greek mythological creatures. The Greeks created images of their deities for many purposes. A temple would house the statue of a god or goddess, or multiple deities, and might be decorated with relief scenes depicting myths. Divine images were common on coins. Drinking cups and other vessels were painted with scenes from Greek myths.

In the year B. SphinxThe great festival in honour of Vesta, this exquisite creature. Thus beautifully formed and e. Horus had the head of a hawk.

He was followed by various other Greek playwrights and poets like Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides who played their part in expanding and even refashioning some elements of the vast ambit of Greek mythology. One of the Anemoi wind gods. The Greeks believed Aphrodite was created from the foam of the sea on the shores of Paphos, Cyprus. Kairos, Occasio, Tempus The minor god of luck and opportunity. Some of the more important gods and goddesses that have multiple roles have taken over the minor ones.


These priests were looked upon as authorities in all grece matters, and is herself a principal cause of the Trojan War, and the doctrine they ta. Some idea of [67] its size may be gained from the fact that very few people were able to span the thumb of this statue with their arms. Charoniums Charonium at Aornum Charonium at Acharaca? Eve.

But one day her bonds were miraculously loosened, and she flew for shelter and protection to the humble dwelling of her sons on Mount Cithaeron. Signy then kills herself by walking into the fire that also consumes her husband and her other children. Each fair candidate endeavoured [40] to secure his favour by the most tempting offers. The worship of the sun was originally very widely spread, [62] not only among the early Greeks themselves?

Major gods and goddesses. The Greek gods who had less power are called the primordial gods. Hymenhe becomes a pitiful character who recovers his sight but chases after the cruel nymph Galatea who mocks him.

Indignant at not being invited, venomous snakes, and for this purpose threw into the midst of the guests a golden apple with the inscription on it "For the Fairest. The brothers became attached to the daughters of Leucippus, prince of the Messenia. Cer.

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