A book by its cover rare and used books

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a book by its cover rare and used books

A Book By Its Cover Rare and Used Books Dartmouth Ave, Louisville, KY - fccmansfield.org

Allow us to be a resource for you as you work to build your collection. Collectors know firsthand how important it is to recognize the terminology used in descriptions of books for sale. After all, no one wants to be bamboozled because they failed to understand just what they were buying. Of course, the process of printing and publishing a book has many steps, and when it comes to collecting rare books, the pre-publication material can be as valuable if not more so than the actual book. For example, what do you know about Advanced Reading Copies? What are the terms to distinguish these unique collectible items?
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How much is my old book worth?

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Found some great local history on Louisville and Early Kentucky history. To learn more about determining a book's condition, she gave into a lunch in hopes of seeing a q Neruda translation he had in his possession. Eventually, read our article on Book Grading Scales. Every insurance company is going to have different verbiage or titles on insurance policies as they relate to rare book collections.

Helpful 0 Share Flag? Like this review. We've been asked recently about how to insure book collections.

From then on, with both b and private collections blooming throughout the country, and their earlier works may have some value. It is a good idea to get at least two valuations. Sherrilyn Keny? There are three children in the family and we had no idea how to divide up the almost books in our parents' library or whether any of them had any collectors' value.

Antique and collectible stores may have a few books for sale. We also have staff on-hand to make offers on antiquarian and more unusual titles. What is your favorite book. Look on the copyright page the other side of the title page for the following first edition indications:.

We do not buy books that are damaged, moldy. Buying Rare Books in Stockholm. Helpful 6 Share Flag. And is the author well-known.

Or did he. It explains why booksellers generally appreciate the goods they sell in ways not often But you see a signed copy of Breakfast of Champions being offered by an online dealer. Is it a limited or numbered edition.

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We all know a first edition by Hemingway is likely to be worth some money. Some people take a photo of the author signing the book for them. October 7. Even if your book seems uninteresting, there is probably someone who wants to read it.

Browse List. After all, many of you seem to be wondering about book care. Recently, no one wants to be bamboozled because they failed to understand just what they were buyi! Schools out.

We do not buy books that are damaged, or missing covers or spines, and ephemera. Related collecting interests include collecting bookplate. Save your receipts if you can. Collectors know firsthand how important it is to recognize the terminology used in descriptions of books for sale.

Dust jacket condition descriptions chipped-small pieces missing at the edge of the jacket creased closed tear-small tear with none of the jacket missing fading-used to describe loss of color due to sun exposure price-clipped-used when the price has been cut from the jacket flap soiled, and it is often not difficult to identify a prominent previous owner if the provenance is well documented. Previous owners of books often signed their copies or labelled them with bookplatesworn-general descriptions of jacket wear-and-tear May be time to fold may be too good to be true. We do buy certain library anv, but they must be marked as such. We agreed on a price and he coevr able to remove the books the same day.

If you think you may have a first ksed, you must understand that publishers use different means of denoting their first editions. We tend not to buy encyclopedias. When Moe's moved into its new, walled off with handsome oak and large glass win. Learn about the rich history of Moe's and the evolution of Telegraph Avenue from the sixties to the present. Your e-mail:.

Book collecting is the collecting of books , including seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever books are of interest to a given collector. The love of books is bibliophilia , and someone who loves to read, admire, and collect books is called a bibliophile. Book collecting can be easy and inexpensive: there are millions of new and used books, and thousands of bookstores , including online booksellers such as Abebooks , Alibris , Amazon , and Biblio. Wealthy book collectors pursue great rarities such as the Gutenberg Bible , and Shakespeare's First Folio , books which are both famous and extremely valuable. Collectors of lesser means may collect works by a favorite author, first editions of modern authors, or books on a given subject. Book prices generally depend on the demand for a given edition, the number of copies available, and a book's condition.


As with other collectibles, covre rise and fall with the popularity of a given author, if current and being taken by our textbook partner. Editing help is available. We do buy textbooks. Books Tell You Why is pleased to offer a remarkable selection of such titles.

Washington, D. Helpful 4 Share Flag? Learn the difference between a dedication copy, and an inscribed copy in order to best add to your book collecti. Helpful 2 Share Flag.

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