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Bill Eddy, an author, lawyer, mediator and therapist, who specializes in dealing with high-conflict cases and high-conflict personalities, has written a new book, 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life. Bill sent me an advance review copy a few months ago, and I invited him to do this e-interview. The techniques he describes are directly relevant to interacting with someone with borderline personality disorder BPD and other personality disorders. SBP: For readers who may not be familiar with the term, can you explain what you mean by a high-conflict personality, or HCP? BE: Based on my observations over 20 years of dealing with legal disputes, workplace disputes, family disputes and neighbor disputes, the individuals who stayed stuck in conflict or who increased conflicts are those with a narrow pattern of the following four characteristics:.
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Manta ray jumping over boat. If you focus on the past, and be very dramatic about it, because they can be so defensive about their past behavior. Those HCPs with HPD may make up stories in public and spread rumors about their targets of blame. The online program does include instructions and commentary from professionals to guide the parent through the curriculum.

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It can be used whenever a parent or the court believes one parent needs restricted parenting time supervised, no contact, limited time , at the start of a case or any time a parent requests it—including after the divorce. This method emphasizes strengthening skills for positive future behavior new ways , rather than focusing on past negative behavior — while still acknowledging it.
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An important point here is that many clients have been so stressed by their experience with an HCP that even simple solutions do not come to mind. This will generally calm the other person down, even if anx for a short time. Biff and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Avoid little digs and negative comments.

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Show Empathy, when HCPs are involved. I especially saw how divorcing couples could benefit from divorce mediation, rather than fighting in court. Conflict will spread, Attention and Respect E. There are two steps to empathic acknowledging:. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Most of us have had a bad day at work. We may have overreacted to a certain situation, become negative before understanding the complete picture, or perhaps we were just grumpy on a particular day. On the other hand, people with high-conflict personalities which we will refer to in this article as HCPs get stuck in a repeated pattern of over-reaction and negativity. Among other traits, these individuals exhibit unbridled emotions and extreme behaviors. This article introduces readers to CARS SM , a new approach for effectively addressing high-conflict situations with clients, co-workers, or supervisors in the workplace. These are usually the most common and observable characteristics. Once identified, the EA professional can talk with a client about dealing with problems regarding a co-worker, supervisor, or manager who has a high-conflict pattern of behavior.


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Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5. Before I do, let me give some friendly advice: don't argue via text. That was ten years ago in Books by Bill Eddy.

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