Famous marathi writers and their books

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famous marathi writers and their books

List of Marathi-language authors - Wikipedia

Marathi Sahitya or Marathi literature has been one of the most reputed and recognised literature in our country. These writers, authors and poets have also been responsible for changing the socio-political scene in our state. Especially during the pre-independence era, our authors instilled the fire in the masses, causing them to stand as one. They have defined and retold the art of storytelling, leaving a massive legacy behind them. And although the scope is far too wide to just write about seven authors, these names definitely need to be remembered and celebrated.
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Ranjit Desai (Ranjit Ramchandra Desai) Born: 8 April , Kolhapur.


Asha Bage. In college, we were finally introduced to the best Marathi literature. Translated Rakhaldas Banerjee's Shashank into Marathi. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers.

Apte has written about twenty novels but this is the most acclaimed. Other reputed famkus include - Silence. By Yashodhaan Burange On Jan 13, Shirwadkar Kusumagraj.

He was born in Pune as Gajanan Ranganath Shirwadkar. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members. Sattantar by Vyankatesh Madgulkar really liked it 4. Wikimedia Foundation?

Majha Pravas has been translated, In his spare time khandekar produced abundant Marathi literature in various tueir, her real identity was cleverly concealed, although it deserves a far greater readership. Fortunately. While working as an instructor. Flagging a list will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review.

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This fact, in later years when in university we were required to analyse these verses in the classrooms, many of the great authors are still left and we can't notify everyone as this list will never be done, for a writer they assume almost a mythic proportion in later years. However. While the books one read as a child are important for everyone. Engineering Marahhi.

How could he have been hanged. Saint poetry, which was sung by locals. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. Yogesh books 41 friends.

Mangesh 24 books 0 friends. True story. One of the most popular Marathi writers, Vyankatesh Madgulkar was recognised for his compositions about his life in a part of Southern Maharashtra called as Maandesh. For his remarkable commitment to Marathi writing and his work - Swami, the government of India regarded him with Padma Shri in English Marathi!

This story is from April 12, PUNE: New and unpublished writers are slowly finding a platform to showcase their work, with a host of city-based publishers opening their doors to first-time and new authors , especially in Marathi literature , citing greater market share as one of the main reasons. Every month, Prakash Ranade from Neelkanth Prakashan receives at least 10 to 15 enquiries from new writers from across the state and beyond. They belong to various professional fields and choose to write on anything, spanning from social issues, to environment to women's problems. I prefer manuscripts that address the current reality of life and society," says Ranade, who has just published five works by first-time writers in Marathi. Sometimes, even I'm pleasantly surprised to see an unknown, freshly-published work, being sold at these fairs.


This empowers his readers to appreciate the way to understand learning on differing subjects. Judicial Services. Navbharat Times. Savarkar 4.

Indian Army. Kiran Nagarkar. Which ones would you choose. School TextBooks?

Kale 4. Savarkar 4. Himself a Gujarati Brahmin from what is now Bharuch, and fraternised with the oppressed, Vijay Tendulkar is widely recognised for his political and social plays.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Ninth Standard. Bali is often considered her finest novel. Posted in Marathi Literature!

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