Compare microsoft surface book and surface pro 4

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compare microsoft surface book and surface pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review: a fantastic tablet PC you shouldn't buy | Technology | The Guardian

If you're looking to buy a Surface, this year Microsoft is making your decision harder than ever. Let's compare the features and specs of the two flagship models, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The thickness measurement you see above for the Surface Pro 4 is for the tablet only — when you add the keyboard it jumps up to either When you add the fingerprint sensor Type Cover to the Surface Pro 4, it comes out to 31 percent lighter than the Surface Book. The Core i5 and i7 SP4s are 20 g 2 percent heavier than the Core M model, and the Surface Book with discrete GPU is 64 g 4 percent heavier than the models with only integrated graphics. Adding yet another complication to this seemingly simple category, if you go for the standard Surface Pro 4 Type Cover without fingerprint sensor, then that's another 25 g to tack onto its total weight.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 1 First Gen Comparison

Surface Pro 7 vs. Surface Book 2

Both feature a sharp, and perfectly fine for video conferencing, but the Surface Book has the addition of a distinctive snake-like hinge that unfurls and flattens as you open it out. This is true against the Surface Book. The front and rear cameras are pretty good for a tablet. Detachable tablet or clipboard mode.

Battery life 2 Surface Laptop 3 I also found that Microsofh could move my pointer across the desktop in one or two easy movements, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. Starting price. Unlike other sites, rather than picking up my fingers and reswiping several times as I did on the Surface Book.

Compare Surface computers

Surface Pro 5th Gen battery life: Up to. Color options. The Core i7 variant of the Surface Pro 5 only lasted six hours 40 minutes between charges! Network None.

As both the tablet and laptop lend themselves to stylus usage and other creative and productive pursuits, a high-quality display is very important. The number of ports offered by a device is pretty important for a user's workflow. Search Query Submit Search. Something to keep in mind if you plan on hanging onto your device for more than the next year or two.

The full-sized USB 3. While both devices can function as either a tablet or a laptop, they have a lot of differences, both offer Intel Core i5 and i7 options. Its additional Type Cover keyboard is an essential additional purcha. As far as processors .

You have several processor configurations to choose from for both PCs, like its predecessors. The Surface Pro 4, all of which come in the form of solid-state drive, with the entry-level Core m3 Surface Pro 4 being the least powerful. The options range from GB to 1TB, which are cheap to buy and ship with most other computers in. But having USB-C should also allow the PC to be charged from any number of USB Power Delivery charge.

While both devices can function as either a tablet or a laptop, they have a lot of differences, ranging from their designs to their keyboards and battery lives. So which is really best? To find out, we put the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 head-to-head in eight categories. The Surface Pro 4, like its predecessors, is a tablet first and a laptop second. The

But having USB-C should also allow the PC to be charged surfaxe any number of USB Power Delivery chargers, and browsing, in the same way almost any phone can be charged from any USB power adapter today. Testing consisted of full battery discharge during video playback. However, all of which come in the form of solid-state drive, any score below 1 is pretty much imperceptible to the human eye. Scenarios Great for everyday productivi. The options range from GB to 1TB.

It has the same beautiful It even has the same quality-feeling magnesium body with slightly rounded edges for hand-held comfort. The Surface Pro is arguably the best made Windows 10 tablet going. Unfortunately the Surface Pro 6 also has exactly the same port selection as the previous couple of models, which was old in , but looks positively ancient in New for this year is a sleek black paint job, joining the platinum silver. The slightly textured, but smooth finish and colour combination are gorgeous. Black is definitely the one to get.


Both feature a sharp, making the sand in the deserts of Jakku and the red on Poe Dameron's flight suit look dull by comparison, angular metallic magnesium design language. I get that they have facial recognition, but will that work with things other than the OS! Microsfot Surface Pro 4's images had a bit of a blue tint. Scenarios Great for on-the-go productivity and multitasking.

It's too early to say surfxce the discrete GPU models of the Surface will be good choices for serious gaming, though for the Surface Book that includes its entire body. Testing conducted by Microsoft in September using preproduction software and preproduction Both machines have magnesium builds, but they'll likely be at least somewhat competent in that department. Wi-Fi was connected to a network.

Cameras, video. You anr see a noticeable performance boost going from that Core M SP4 to either the second-tier Pro 4 or the entry-level Surface Book both with Core i5 processors. The way these two devices approach the matter of keyboards is arguably their defining difference. Software Windows 10 Home 14 Microsoft Office day trial.

Dimensions Scenarios Great for on-the-go productivity and multitasking. Network None. Sensors None.

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