Comic books and juvenile delinquency 1955

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comic books and juvenile delinquency 1955

60 Years Ago Today: The US Senate Puts Comics on Trial! | Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

The event took place on April 21, , at the Foley Square U. Courthouse now the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse , in New York City, where a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee charged with investigating the causes of juvenile delinquency took on an imminent danger within: the comic-book industry. The hearings were televised. An investigation conducted by senators has been compared to a court run by kangaroos, and the analogy is not unfair, except possibly to the kangaroos. The normal rules of evidence do not apply in congressional hearings: badgering is appreciated; the verdict has frequently been arrived at in advance. Perry Mason, swatting away objections like flies as he sweated the truth out of guilty witnesses, faced more stringent procedural constraints. The Senate committee, chaired by Robert Hendrickson, Republican of New Jersey, was determined to indict the makers of comic books, and the hearing was designed as a spectacle.
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1955 CONFIDENTIAL FILE - "Horror Comic Books" - Estes Kefauver

Below is a web-friendly version of the CBLDF presentation on the history of comics censorship, which has been delivered to audiences of scholars, lawyers, advocates and readers in the United States. Censorship arising from moral panic is a constant presence in the history of comics. From the s to the modern day, the comics medium has been stigmatized as low-value speech.

Comic Books and Juvenile Delinquency

One printer may do the covers and another the inside pages. This effort at self-regulation on the part of the comic bookz industry is in accordance with suggestions made by the subcommittee. It publishes an annual list of comic books, together with a rating of each comic. The cost of stenographic services to report hearings of the committee or subcommittee shall not be in excess of 40 cents per hundred words!

Messing, public indignation at the flood of crime. Our people need understanding; they need to have affection, Sr, submitted the following. Kefauver, decent homes.

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Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency - [AT{Comics}] Week 5 Lesson 6

From: US Congress. Committee on the Judiciary. Juvenile Delinquency. Johnston, South Carolina Thomas C. Hennings, Jr. Jenner, Indiana Authur V.


Publishing Co. Time does not permit him to sort and inspect these magazines at the moment of delivery. Johnston, South Carolina. The second was the increased number of comic books dealing with crime and horror and featuring sexually suggestive and sadistic illustrations.

Physical acts shown in the foregoing pictures are not the only means for delinqkency violence in the crime nd horror type of comic books. Criminals shall not be presented so as to be rendered glamorous or to occupy a position which creates a desire for emulation. Beaser: Your own good taste and saleability. Although the cards were stacked against him, Gaines came out swinging?

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  1. It would therefore fall into the area of morbid emotionality,! Owners: Albert L. Publisher: Number of titles Premier Magazines. The wife is behind him clutching the bloody butcher knife.

  2. On the day the son is to start in the first grade in school the mother asks the father to escort him to the school building? The committee was not interested in debating the merits of comics that treated social issues in a progressive spirit; it was interested in the claim that horror and crime comics were merely anodyne entertainment, and they twisted Gaines like a pretzel. Attempts to shift all responsibility to parents are unjustified. It also began to appear in an alternative form, i.

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