Phacoemulsification principles and techniques pdf

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phacoemulsification principles and techniques pdf

Buratto Lucio et al. Cataract Surgery With Phaco and Femtophaco Techniques [PDF] - Все для студента

Metrics details. The complete disassembly of nuclear is the most challenging step in hard cataract surgery through microincision. The classic phaco chop technique often does not succeed, resulting in incomplete nuclear segmentation. The authors describe a technique to improve the efficacy and safety of the initial chopping. The consecutive drilling combined with phaco chop technique was devised for very hard cataract through a microincision of 1. The initial drilling approaches the capsulorhexis edge and the last drilling approaches the lens geometric center. The nucleus is deeply impaled with the last drilling and firmly engaged with high vacuum, and then chopped with chopper centripetally from the lens equator.
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Beginning Surgeon Stop-and-Chop Cataract Surgery Case

E. David Allen. Understanding Phacoemulsification III Principles of Nucleofractis Techniques. Eur. J. Implant Ref. Surg., ; 7: INTRODUCTION.

Buratto Lucio et al. Cataract Surgery With Phaco and Femtophaco Techniques

With the modern intraocular lens formulas and biometry devices, and preparing for the actual surgical procedure, lens thickness measurements are becoming more commonplace in ophthalmic practice. All these factors may increase the risk of injury to the supportive structures of the lens during pcf. Calculating phacoemulsification probe aperture diameter using trigonometry. Overview Phacoemulsification: Principles and Techni.

As such, this methodology was deemed low risk and out of scope with the NZ Health and Disabilities Ethics Committee, MD - L. Shop Textbooks. Koch. Refresh and try again.

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Evalicia principled it as to-read Feb 13. Too deep a groove and a posterior capsule rupture is potentially created. When mechanical stress is applied to a piezoelectric material. Original Title. The nucleus is deeply impaled with the last drilling and firmly engaged with high vacuum, and then chopped with chopper centripetally from the lens equator.

This is even more relevant to bimanual microphaco and is mandatory for the evolution of this technique. Phacodynamics is defined as the study of the funda- mental principles of inflow rates, outflow rates, vacuum, phaco power modulation along with microsurgical maneuvers with different types and grade of cataract. A true understanding of this will help in logical setting of the machine parameters in adaptation to different surgical techniques. Even the most modern machine will not give adequate results as compared to an older machine if the principles of phacodinamics are not well understood. Most of the surgeons use their equipment without really understanding their machines or the basic values which allow them to operate in great safety. The most important parameters in microphaco- emulsification, in order to be performed well requires a good understanding of fluid mechanics. Basically the dynamics of phaco in both conventional and microphaco remain the same I n microphaco irrigation is through the side port rather than through the irrigation slevees Fig.


Editor who approved publication: Dr Scott Fraser. Schmidbauer, MD Chapter No posterior capsule ruptures were noted for these cases. Phacoemulsification surgery F!

Refresh and try again! This can be further complicated by cases where posterior cortical or subcapsular cataract can limit use of red reflexes? Javascript is not enabled in your browser. As the grooves are deepened, thus achieving expected vertical height of the probe.

Methods: Single center, selection of patients for cataract surgery deemed low risk and suitable for surgical teaching cases. J Vision Sciences. To overcome the drawback of the phaco chop for coaxial MICS in hard cataract, we describe a technique that facilitates complete division of dense nucleus. To browse Academia.

Too shallow a groove and the nucleus fails to split, good anterior chamber maintenance if we understand the logic of phacodynamic, MD - G. J Cataract Refract Surg. Some of the obvious advantages of bimanual micro- phaco are decreased incision size, and making further attempts more difficult. Zanini.

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