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All rights reserved. Test Questions 1. What is a recommended method for controlling change within a project? Have only the project manager able to initiate change b. Have each change approved or rejected by a board c. Allow each project member ultimate control of changes within their realm of the project without a review process d.
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Integration Management; Part-1; more than 2000 PMP Exam Sample Questions.

You can't turn the project back to the previous project manager because he or she may be busy with other project. The best option is to show your evaluation to sponsor. Question - 2 You are a project manager of a company and you are assigned to a project that has already been decided to out source.

Project Integration Management

You own stock in one of the vendor companies who also participated in the bidding process. Correct Answers are : 3 Explanation : C is the correct answer. Prevent unnecessary changes. Happy learning.

Marketplace conditions 5. Search for:. Historical records. Corrective action c.

Performance reports Your project team is well underway with the construction of the product of the project? At the end of each phase of a project, a lessons learned document must be prepared. Which of the following is NOT a typical element found in the project charter. An output of Close Project or Phase process is the creation of.

Jntegration also warns you that you should not update or modify the document. In this context, change requests will be an input to which of the following processes. Performance reports Your project team is well underway with the construction of the product of the project. Ilda Lekka Sumabat Requiza - Zapanta.

You discover a change that will make the product work better ingegration be more valuable. A - The Scope statement is clearly not an enterprise environmental factor whereas the other three choices Governmental standards, and Marketplace conditions are enterprise environmental factors. What tool and technique is used for all processes of project integration management. Constrained optimization Comparative approach Benefit measurement Impact analysis .

Thow an "end of project" party for the team Who is primarily responsible for project integration. A work authorization system. Close project or phase c? Receive project approval b.

John Smith is a Project Manager for XYZ consultants. He has been asked to help choose one of the four potential project candidates. The management used.
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Below are few practice questions from the Project Integration Management knowledge area. Please give them a try. If you are still finding it difficult to get the correct answer, you can refer to my answer key here: Answers to PMP Practice Questions [Project Integration Management]. The project is in the execution stage. In the last review meeting, several stakeholders looked disappointed and have indicated the need for changes to the requirements set. They were of the opinion that these elements were missed in the initial requirements collection process.

Ask answeds senior management to decide. It provides the project manager with the authority to apply resources to project activities. You are in the process of developing the project charter for an energy project. Not enough information available. Allow them for fixed time schedules.

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July 17, at Project exit criteria D. You own stock in one of the vendor companies who also participated in the bidding process. Aligning projects and resources with business strategy!

Search inside document. The project is in the execution stage. Who would be responsible for reviewing, evaluating and approving documented changes to the project. Following the plan outlined in the Quality Management process.

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  1. Project Integration Management Questions and Answers. Which of the following is a valid input to the collect requirements process? AProject management.

  2. View project management as a process of constant communication and negotiation Which of the following is not a best practice for new product managemnt projects. Templates c. You discover a change that will make the product work better and be more valuable. You will ask him to speak to the sponsor, who assigned you the project!

  3. This free PMP question bank by knowledge area is geared towards your knowledge revision and study and exam pattern comprehension. Review your incorrect answer s beside correct ones for knowledge solidification. ❤

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