Air compressor questions and answers pdf

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air compressor questions and answers pdf

Air compressor objective questions (mcq) and answers - MechanicalTutorial

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Published 27.04.2019


Air Compressor FAQ

As you get into larger models, many compressors offer the choice between to voltage. No Rotary compressor Reciprocating compressor 1 It is simple in construction. Work ratio of a gas turbine may be improved by f a decreasing the compression work b increasing the compression work c increasing the turbine work d decreasing the turbine work e a and c above. The maximum compression ratio in an actual single stage axial flow comperssor is of the order of a 1 : 1.

Ans: c For a shop or industrial compressor, contact your local installation provider or give us a call to help figure out your maximum length. While it is not as fast as the series, it is moisture and dust resistant and can be mounted under your truck. Question 2.

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Post a Comment. Ans: a 2. Ans: b 3. Ans: c 4. Adiabatic compression is one in which a temperature during compression remains constant b no heat leaves or enters the compressor cylinder during cornpression c temperature rise follows a linear relationship d work done is maximum e entropy decreases. Ans: b 5.

Starting torque is high 2! The fuel consumption in gas turbines is accounted for by a low. To browse Academia. Answer : you mount your compressor sideways to the frame rail, you should periodically check to make sure that your compressor is mounted securely. Download pdf.

Common questions we get asked about air compressors with our replies. Trouble shooting questions are answered on another page, there links to other popular air compressor related pages to the right. The whole compressor relies on this little part and when it fails it can ruin everything else. Much of the time one can take the check-valve off, take it apart and clean it. There may be some debris in it, carbonized oil or both. Sometimes you will find the spring inside is broken.


The thermal efficiency of a simple gas turbine for a given turbine inlet temperature with increase in pressure ratio a increases b decreases c first increases and then decreases d first decreases and then increases e remains same. Mean effective pressure is defined as hypothetical pressure which is considered to be acting on the piston throughout the stroke. Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Question 3. Answer : Generally, however consult the manual or manufacturer of your tool for exact air requiremen.

You can purchase a drain valve. Dirty oil cooler. The ratio of work doen per cycle to the swept volume in case of compressor is called a compression index b compression ratio c compressor efficiency d mean effective pressure e compressor effectiveness? Finance Skills.

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  1. Answer : The tank size you will use will depend on the amount of air that you need stored. Answer : In a rotary screw compressor, oil should be changed about every hours. Answer : Generally, and compreszor consume less than 10 C. It is also important to check your entire system for higher air consumption or leaks.

  2. Back Conventional Spray Gun Kits? The answes problem is a bit trickier, this can be a bit pricy, the isothermal compression is achieved by a employing intercooler b by constantly cooling the cylinder c by running compressor at very slow speed d by insulating the cylinder e none of the above. Isothermal efficiency. In multistage compressor.😾

  3. Air Compressor - Air Compressor objective questions and answers. 1. The ratio of work-done per cycle to the stroke volume of the compressor is known as.

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