Dictionary of finance and investment terms pdf

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dictionary of finance and investment terms pdf

Global Finance Glossary

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Published 27.04.2019

Stock Market Terminology every Investor MUST KNOW! - Part 1

Updated to reflect current financial terminology and tax laws, this dictionary defines more than terms that relate to stocks and other securities, mutual funds.

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms

The fund grows primarily as individual share prices climb. Read More. Log in. The opposite of a bull market!

Long-term pdv strategy - A strategy that looks past the day-to-day fluctuations of the stock and bond markets and responds to fundamental changes in the financial markets or the economy. A futures market that is slowly advancing in prices. This level may be achieved through a single purchase or a series of smaller purchases. Greece Romania Serbia.

English Dictionaries. Management Fee: a fee charged to the limited partners in a fund by the general partner? Syndicate: a group of investors that agree to participate in a round of funding for a company. By Christian Kingombe.

Subject Reference. Unlike other dictionaries that have the same goals, this one attempts to combine various related areas of finance in investment and still manage to show which specialized senses belong to which area. Liquidity - The ability to have ready access to invested money. A sales charge or load is reflected in the asked or offering price.

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms - Ebook A comprehensive financial dictionary with over terms and counting. Brought to you by the web's.
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Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms Barron's Dictionary of Finance & Investment Terms Pdf Boo

Alternative asset class: a class of investment that includes [private equity, real estate, and oil and gas, but excludes publicly traded securities. Pension plans, college endowments and other relatively large institutional investors typically allocate a certain percentage of their investments to alternative assets with an objective to diversify their portfolios. Acquisition: the obtainment of control, possession or ownership of a company. Bridge Financing: short-term debt financing that will eventually be replaced by permanent capital from equity investors or debt lenders. Buyout: a sector of the private equity industry.

Librairie du Liban. All rights reserved. Management Fee: a fee charged to the nivestment partners in a fund by the general partner. Annualized - A procedure where figures covering a period of less than one year are extended to cover a month period. This category of dictionaries is usually evaluated by specialists in the fields represented by the entries?

The new edition of this best-selling Dictionary has been fully revised and updated, with over 1, entries either new or revised. These focus in particular on recent terminology, institutions, and safety measures coined or introduced since the economic crash of —9, including reactions to the crisis such as the Asset Protection Scheme. The dictionary defines terms from all aspects of personal and international finance, including money markets, private investments and borrowing, central banking, foreign exchanges, monetary policy, and public and government finance. Now with expanded coverage of capital structure and corporate restructuring. Recommended up-to-date web links for many entries provide valuable extra information. With clear and accessible definitions, this jargon-free dictionary provides accurate and valuable information for students, practitioners, private investors, and readers of the financial pages alike.


Corporations that choose to liquidate declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Woodbury, I want long terms. It could be a noun, NY: Barron's, institutions. These focus in particular on recent termino.

A dictionary of economic and financial terms: English-French-Arabic : with indexes of French and Arabic key-words? Publications Pages Publications Pages. All Rights Reserved. Rights of accumulation - The right to buy over a period of time.

The entries in the new edition cover the vocabulary used in banking, and much more, entries either new or rev? Federal Funds Rate Fed Funds Rate - The interest rate charged by banks with excess reserves at a Federal Reserve district bank to banks needing overnight loans to meet reserve requirements. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. The new edition dictionaey this best-selling Dictionary has been fully revised and updat.

Short-term investment - Asset purchased with an investment life of less than a year. Trustee - 1! It tracks the performance of large U.

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  1. Also called average weighted maturity. In general, someone is bullish if they believe the value of a security or market will rise. These problems will be discussed in order. Investment grade bonds - A bond generally considered suitable for purchase by prudent investors.

  2. Treasury note - Negotiable medium-term one year to 10 years debt obligations issued by the U. Overview Pages. Interest-rate risk - The possibility of a reduction in the value of a security, resulting from a rise in interest rates. Statement of additional information SAI - The supplementary document to a prospectus that contains more detailed information about a mutual fund; also known as 'Part Finace of the prospectus.🏋️‍♂️

  3. Recession - A downturn in economic activity, defined by many economists as at least two consecutive quarters of decline in a country's gross domestic product. Log In Sign Up. Also called 'shareholder. A long position is one in which an investor buys shares of stock and as an equity holder will profit if the price of the stock rises.

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