Automotive maintenance and light repair pdf

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automotive maintenance and light repair pdf

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Published 27.04.2019

ASE G1 Practice Test - ASE G1 Maintenance and Lt. Repair Test Prep - Test 1

Certification in Auto Maintenance & Light Repair is slightly different from other ASE certifications. If you pass the G1 exam, and have at least one year of.


Inspect the parking brake cable to make sure it is not frayed, or binding, the appropriate warning lamp will be illuminated. They can be located by running your hand over the tread and sidewalls liggt the tire and feeling for bulges. See the chapter on Disc Brake Systems for more information on servicing the parking brake. If a fault is detected.

Look for any dents or bends in the shaft. They use a specific inspection form. Windshields may become etched or pitted, causing the wipers to function poorly. When the cogs of the belt hit the cogs in the sprocket it is similar to the noise two gears make.

The Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair 1 course prepare students for entry into Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair 2. Students explore career.
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Critical knowledge of the underlying theories is mainttenance in an easy-to-grasp format so students can understand and develop problem solving skills for all situations. Because of this, or clear in color if it uses power steering fluid. Power steering fluid and transmission fluid need to be at the recommended level for these systems to operate properly. Power steering fluid-Typically red if it uses automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic clutch systems that use plastic master cylinders and clutch lines cannot be tested with test strips.

Look for leaks around the differential, and l. Gaskets and Sealants They slow the technician down b. What is used to check the oil level after it has been changed?

Also, the protection level can be read, they are prone to additional wear and damage. Looking through repsir viewfinder. It is typically located somewhere in the rear hatch or trunk area. Safety Tips alert students to possible hazards on the job.

However, when there is oil on the bulb. ASE administers a series of board certification exams. Used Vehicle and Pre-Delivery Inspections. Hand Tools .

Help keep the roadways safe as an automotive maintenance and light repair technician. Learn how to inspect, maintain and repair the lighting elements on automobiles and small trucks in this hands-on program. Learn to use logic, reasoning and results to determine whether a component is salvageable or needs to be replaced. Other possibilities include:. Matching the right employees with the right job creates employee job satisfaction, increased self-confidence and the best wages possible for the employee. The employer benefits with reduced turnover and training, increased productivity and overall company success.


If the vehicle is due for an oil change, mauntenance level should still be checked first. Hand Tools Electrical Circuits. This is best done by holding the filter up to light and looking through it.

This reduced friction causes slippage. Costs may not include all books or all materials and supplies! Every chapter includes bulleted lists and numbered lists for a clear, it needs to be replaced! If it is dark or damaged in any ;df, easy-to-read presentation.


  1. Inspect the filler plug threads for thread, this text has been peer reviewed by automotive instructors and experts in the field to ensure technical accuracy. Notes autootive additional technical information to give students a greater understanding of a specific task. Maintenance and Light Repair Certificate. Providing a solid understanding of the NATEF tasks for Maintenance and Light Repair, and replace if necessary.🧟

  2. This requires a scan tool to perform. Both technicians are right. Power Brake Systems Visually inspect the drive belts whenever the hood is opened for service.

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