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production planning and control pdf notes


Scheduling — definition —Difference with loading. Line Balancing, Aggregate planning, Chase planning, Expediting, controllingaspects. Production planning is dynamic in nature and always remains in fluid state as plans may have to be changed according to the changes in circumstances. Production control is a mechanism to monitor the execution of the plans. The main objective of production function is to produce the goods and services demanded by the customers in the most efficient and economical way. Therefore efficient management of the production function is of utmost importance in order to achieve this objective.
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Lecture 26 Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control - PPC Study Materials

Automobile plants, electrical goods plant are examples of this type of manufacturing. Notations. Planning a project is a very! Please enter your comment.

Decision Rules :. Here economic, starts times completion times etc, cus. Control of due noges They may outline general steps needed to comple te a task or they may lay down specific operations.

Much more than documents.

An upfront planning and study of the critical factors of the manufacturing processes will not only help the small scale entrepreneurs to understand the steps they need to take in selecting the most appropriate manufacturing process but also help them identify areas of risk so that necessary control procedures are put in place! Let up plot a graph between time and demand. The essential task of dispatching and evaluating are concerned with the immediate issue of production and with measures that will be as certain fulfillment target. The difference between the plan and the schedule can be illustrated by looking at the objectives.

In-process Inventory. The highest efficiency in production is obtained by manufacturing the required. Which are the factors influencing on forecast. Operation process charts - Which constitute a general layout showing the principle?

Information received after the performance of an action in time to be used as the basis for future, it is the vital control! Perhaps the most simple type schedule can be illustrated by an example draw n from cottage industry. Explain various types of forecasts. Cyclic Seasonal Demand.

Buffa, E. Schedule the longest jobs first. Let up plot a graph between time and demand. Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers.

This book has written in simple and lucid language to enable the students in understanding the management concept clearly. Each unit contains two mark questions and answers, review questions. Model question papers are added at the tail end of this book. With these features, we sincerely hope that this book would serve as a valuable text for the students. We welcome constructive criticism on any specific topics of this book. Jayakumar Free? You all must have this kind of questions in your mind.


Miscellaneous Inventories : Which arise out of the above four types of inventory scrap. Determine which statistical technique to try. The schedule thus provides a short range sequence of ptoduction one for which we must have sensitive controls and rapid response time? Why it is necessary to revise the for ecasts.

From the graph it is clear that it is level demand with random variation about constant value of demand. Control :? IX Inspection :. Demand d.


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  2. Estimate of Error :- it is given by. Characteristic of physical plant equipment and its component parts. This can be done by determining the standard error of estimation or standard deviation. Andd system is most suitable where heterogeneous products are produced against specific orders.

  3. Detailed can be recorded on the chart in the factory when the job is plannning, so that the. You just clipped your first slide. In such orders given by stores are to be executed. After manufacturing the sub parts which w ill undergo various operation prior to final assembly.

  4. Important factors to be considered for the selection of site. To coordinate a number of different depart ment groups so that a fine contril of activities. The process chart is usually drawn at the commenc ement of the investigation, because fact finding should proceed from examination of the whole factory. For the forecasting of seasonal demand which method of forecasting you will suggest and why.

  5. Other methods of forecasting :- 1 Moving Avg. Pdt point often overlooked is that if decision rules for scheduling are not formally and. It includes measurement of actual results, comparison of the same with the planned action and feeding back information the planning stage to make any adjustments required. Control requires a particular pattern of activities to operate properly in a dynamic and imperfect world.

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