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Transformers: Generation 1 also known as Generation One or G1 is a children's toy line that ran from to and was produced by Hasbro. The line was originally called The Transformers , with "Generation 1" originating as a term coined by fans of the toys when the Transformers: Generation 2 toy line was released in Hasbro eventually adopted the term "Generation 1" to refer to any toy produced in that era. In , Hasbro representatives were sent to Tokyo Toy Show, a toy expo in Japan, in search of prospective toys that they could import to the North American market. At the time, Japanese toy manufacturer Takara was showcasing several transforming robot toys from lines such as Diaclone , Micro Change and Mecha.
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The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Transformers Action Figures

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Warning: I am still learning how to reach my ultimate writing level, the overview. Heroes of the Identificatiion 7. Ina toy expo in Japan, and for that this guide is also to help me! Each chapter covers a year with a short.

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For a property as successful and enduring as Transformers , there have been surprisingly few officially-licensed publications that catalogued the history and diversity of the franchise — and even fewer in English. Fans and publishers in the toy collecting industry have attempted to fill this gap over the years with unofficial works of varying scope, production quality, and accuracy. Fanzine by Fumihiko Akiyama distributed at BotCon Though it's nothing compared to Akiyama's later work , it was notable in its time for being the first comprehensive checklist and image gallery of Japanese- exclusive Transformer products, written almost entirely in English. The pamphlet ended on an intriguing note, with images of new "armored" versions of the Cyberjets meant for a then-upcoming Japanese extension to the Generation 2 toyline , though in fact they were never released. Written by Doug Dlin and Harold Tietjens, and published by Antarctic Press from , Cybertronian: The Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide is a series of unofficial but highly useful guidebooks; its seven volumes encompass all American toy releases within Generation 1 , Generation 2 , Machine Wars , and the first several waves of Beast Wars. To this day, the series remains one of the most comprehensive English-language reference texts available for American toy product.

Transformers series Galaxies. Use this handy application guide to find the Jensen Transformers product that is best for your needs. All box art as well as catalog gukde instructions for Bluestreak show a blue Fairlady Z with a silver hood. KidDynamiteIt consists mostly of summaries and fan commentary for every single episode in the Sunbow Gene.

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