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A response spectrum is a plot of the peak or steady-state response displacement, velocity or acceleration of a series of oscillators of varying natural frequency , that are forced into motion by the same base vibration or shock. The resulting plot can then be used to pick off the response of any linear system, given its natural frequency of oscillation. One such use is in assessing the peak response of buildings to earthquakes. The science of strong ground motion may use some values from the ground response spectrum calculated from recordings of surface ground motion from seismographs for correlation with seismic damage. If the input used in calculating a response spectrum is steady-state periodic, then the steady-state result is recorded.
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Ground motion selection for seismic response analysis - Karim Tarbali

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In making this computa- tion, large relative motions or strains can be induced in the component because of the differential motions between the masses of the component and its base, and the earthquwke should include only those building com- ponents that are effective at these amplitudes, but with a scale factor of approximately two- thirds. His advice was frequently sought by governmental agencies on engineering problems of national importance. These should be associated with a moderately large but essentially linear response of the structure. Howev.

The goal of earthquake engineering is to ensure that in the event of an earthquake there will be no serious injury or loss of life. There are many strong motion earthquake records available. Typical Response Spectrum for Earthquake Motions. For other buildings, the following sequence of steps may be employed to decide whether or not the modal analysis pro- cedure should be used: 1.

In some codes or specifications the computed drift corresponds to work- ing stress design xesign or some other stress condition. In Eq. The user is required to set up his model accordingly. In some codes or specifications the computed drift corresponds to work- ing stress design conditions or some other stress condition.

For members subjected to shear forces, J, and story drifts, and in general does not exceed values of the earthqquake of about 3. Blume. The seismic design category must be specified by a professional engineer or registered architect on the project drawings per ASCE 7. The direct results from either procedure permit one to ascer- tain the effects of lateral forces in the direction under consi- deration: story shea.

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The modified or reduced response spectrum, B, which provides estimates of the maximum acceleration or force level or yield deformation as a function of frequency. The force fesign of Eq. All three types of ground motion input acceleration, velocity and displacement are important and must be considered in an appropriate manner as part of the design process. It differs from and is less than the peak free-field ground acceleration. Mohraz .

Richmond, California U. Newmark andW. Newmark and William J. Hall Published by The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, whose objectives are the advancement of the science and prac- tice of earthquake engineering and the solution of na- tional earthquake engineering problems. The publication of this monograph was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.


IS Criteria of Earth Quake resistant? As a first approximation, one may compute the horizontal displacements and the effects of the moments produced by the gravity loads directly. The pseudo acceleration is exactly the same as the maximum acceleration where there is no damping, desjgn for normal levels of damping is practically the same as the maximum acceleration.

However, only the lower few modes need to be included in the summation. However, making no reduction annd all appears to be too conservative in light of the reasons mentioned above and the results of dynamic analysis. Based on the NEC. A satisfactory estimate of the total response usually can be obtained from the root-sum-square: 8 in which, the complete response history is rarely needed for design; the maximum values of response over the duration of the earthquake usually suffice.

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