Machinist objective questions and answers pdf in hindi

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machinist objective questions and answers pdf in hindi

Iti Machinist Objective Questions With Answer In Pdf | Exam Logs - Part 4

Iti fitter multiple choice questions pipe and pipe fitting chapter important questions with answers For all types iti fitter competitive exams,iti job, iti fitter job, iti fitter. Also here Fitter iti, Iti mcq, For iti jobs. Technical previous year multiple. Computer Networking multiple choice questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples.
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ISRO "Machinist" Technician B Exam Paper Solutions

1000 Mcq Special Techno

Which argle is not affected while grinding the drill: 1 Cutting angle 2 Helix angle? Which one of the following element can be used to make steel brittle! How to remove Reamer out of the hole. Safty goggles D.

An irregular shaped work piece is turned on a lathe. Which one of the following abbreviation is used to specify an acme thread. Chip removal starts at the thickness part C. You can access the questions in any order within a section or across sections by clicking on the question number given on the number list.

Technical previous year. Machinist Objective Questions and Answers Pdf iti machinist question pdf download iti machinist exam iti machinist solved in hindi iti.
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Iti Fitter Objective Type Question Answer:

A finish cut is given to improve the surface finish of a rough milled workpiece? Decrease cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut B. Increase feed rate, depth of cut and reduce cutting speed C. Increase feed rate, depth of cut and cutting speed D. Increase cutting speed, reduce feed rate and depth of cut Ans: D. The normal module of a helical gear with real module m of 6.


Shabnam Ara. A carbide tipped tool with blue marking is used on a lathe. Why so JavaScript and Java have similar name. Submit Close.

Next Exam coming soon C and D. The distance which the lathe tool advances for each revolution of the work-piece, is known as- 1 Feed 2 Cutting speed 3 Depth of cut 4 None of these. Offset jindi.

There is negative If driven pulley has to run at rpm what should be its diameter. Is 48 inch C Difference in dia. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Which one of the following tool posts is easy for setting the tool centre height of the tool in a lathe. Raumil Maniar? The instrument used to check the state of charge of a battery is : 1 Hydrometer 2 Hygrometer 3 Battery charger 4 Battery eliminator fdlh cSVjh ds pktZ dh voLFkk dh tkWp ds fy, iz;ksx fd? Related titles.

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  1. The following is also known as Tool rest. Back rake angle of the single point tool Is the angle by Which the Face of the tool questiobs Inclined. Download Now! Which one of the following standard taper is provided in the barrel bore!😋

  2. Free Download Ebook Iti Trade Objective Question Paper BOOK Format paper machinist questions and answers pdf in english machinist objective questions.

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