The cold within workbook questions and answers pdf

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the cold within workbook questions and answers pdf

2. The Cold Within - Evergreen workbook answer of The Cold Within by James Patrick Kinney

Context questions Extract I Questions and Answers Where were the six humans? Why were they there? The six humans were trapped together by sheer chance. It was extremely cold and so to warm themselves, they were sitting around a fire. Due to the cold outside and the lack of logs of wood to burn, the fire was beginning to die. Each of them possessed a stick of wood that could help the fire keep burning and provide them with heat.
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They did not ansers to save the other person from dying and therefore selfishly did not give up on their sticks. Anonymous 27 November at. The second human too declined his stick into the fire because as he was looking across, he found one among his group doesn't practice the faith he does. Save time by spreading curation tasks among your team.

Cold Within Extract I Six humans trapped……. How many children do Ben and Ellen This Unit 1 Workbook contains worksheets which accompany many of the lessons from the teacher guide for Unit 1. Which is the symbol word used in questiosn lines? The pie looks good.

Answer: The word trapped suggests that they do not want to be in the situation, but they cannot escape. Write your answers wnd the space provided. All FREE. Upside-down answers are provided right on the page.

Answer: The word used is stick. Bleak stands for hopelessness. Find a line from the poem to support your answer. Unknown 29 April at .

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The poet throws light on how humans can be painfully discriminatory. He uses the situation of six men caught in harsh winter conditions, to show what society actually was at that time. While each of the men had a stick, none of them used it to feed the fire and save themselves and everyone else as well. Similarly, each individual can contribute to society in his own way, but no one really does so just because they are full of hatred towards others. Had the men put in their sticks, the fire would have burnt longer and they would have survived. However, they gave more importance to negative ideas and eventually died. If humans continue to discriminate on the basis of race, ideology, affluence or on any other grounds, mankind will not survive for long.


The six of those humans mentioned in the poem The Cold Within, were assembled at a place by the mere force of coincidence? Search this Site. She was too stubborn and adamant enough not to save the life of a black. John C.

Hence, he talks as if he yells a tale. Learn more about the different options. Unknown 30 July at Kathy S.

Question 9. During those days, racial discrimination was at its peak discrimination on the basis of colour and race between the white and the non white people. The six of the humans have logs in their hands! Answer: The poet uses symbolism to show ldf it was the coldness of their hearts which extinguished the fire of life.

Section 1. Learn how to connect your accounts. The weather was very cold and bitter. I unshared yesterday to add a conditional format, but no I can not re-share.

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