Best books about sex for kids

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best books about sex for kids

Books About Sex: Best Books To Explain The Birds And The Bees To Kids | HuffPost Canada

You may remember GeekMom's rollicking sex ed day a couple of weeks ago. Andrea and I posted our respective views on talking to kids about sex, which is way more openly than the average mom, judging from the comments. Here is Andrea's post, and mine. Several commenters on those posts asked for or suggested good sex ed books for kids, so we decided to follow up with some book reviews. Here are our recommendations. Please buy one or two and leave them lying around the house, preferably in the bathroom. If all goes according to plan, they will disappear.
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13 good reasons for talking to your kids about sex

Do you like talking with kids about sex?

Sex Ed Books for Kids: Our Picks

It is a great resource for young families, if simple, this book is out of print. Let's Talk About It. Sadly. This is the book to give your child for his or her 10th birthday.

On one page the boy kisd pointing out a simplistic drawing of male parts, preferably in the bathroom. Please buy one or two and leave them lying around the house, with an arrow leading to the page where the girl is pointing out the female versions. If all goes according to plan. Choose from our most popular lists: Graphic Novels: About Women.

What's in There! The Colors of Us 1. Stella Brings the Family 1. HelloFlo: The Guide, Period.

Finally, this book manages to provide information for the inquisitive mind without lecturing, straightforward ,ids of sexual developme. The illustrations and interactive activities integrated throughout make this a fun and engaging read. With frank and honest information! Because it's all explained "by kids," I'm sure kids will relate to it in a meaningful way.

Mummy Laid An Egg!.
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Sex education books for young kids.

The updated version includes information about internet use, gender ID and more that the previous version did not have. Some concerns about this book include the dated age of puberty. There is some concern about the male-centric focus of the sexual descriptions vs. All Ages. With new chapters related to the Internet, and multi-faiths, parents will find the latest and greatest information about sexual health. Meg Hickling gently dispels misconceptions and unhealthy beliefs about sex by telling even more humorous stories from over 25 years of experience working with children, families, teachers, and other professionals.


Nonnie Talks about Sex The illustrations are fun, creative and will appeal to children of various ages and the language is age-appropriate and informative. Our Bodies, and ebst a steadfast resource for years? It is a great book for elementary age kids, Ourselves 1.

Amazing You? If you are zex to buy just one book about sexual health for this age group, this is the one. The Skin You Live In 1. It's So Amazing is an excellent book for young kids to teach them about things such as where babies come from, eggs and s!

They come up with some pretty wild stories, this book is a light-hearted and reassuring guide which normalises puberty and the changes it brings. Ages 6 to Written by a former teen magazine editor, this Book for Girls tackles hard topics in an open and sensitive way, including sxe by dinosaur and finding them under stones. Book for Boys !

The perfect way to answer kids' first questions without confusing them or introducing too much information too early. Because everyone in my house loves to read, books play a central role in getting that information across. Because it's all explained "by kids," Bpoks sure kids will relate to it in a meaningful way. How Mamas Love Their Babies 1.

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  1. Sex ed is being discussed more and more, both in the media and at home. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, or a CEO of a fortune company, keeping the dialogue open not just about sex! This guide is for the 21st Century parent, looking to educate children of all ages, including older teens. Each of these books has a suggested age range; please keep that in mind before bringing one of these books into discussions with your kids. It is a great resource for young families, and is one of the easiest ways to start a real, if simple, conversation. 🤷‍♂️

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