Best books for under 5s

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best books for under 5s

best children's books - a list of the very best books for kids

Yup, the caterpillar's still hungry! And just like him, when it comes to this book toddlers can't seem to get enough. Have a train-crazy kid? This book has great illustrations to help children learn the names of each type of train car. As you know, toddlers are curious about This book tackles one interesting phenomenon: how a baby bird comes from an egg! Freymann has a gift for transforming recognizable fruits and veggies into adorable animals and objects.
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5 Classic Children's Books You Should Read

Best Books for 0-5 years

Magical reading for any child with a restless spirit and a creative imagination. Six Dinner Sid - Inga Moore The rhyming story is great fun to read aloud together and children love guessing the end of the sentences - especially when those sentences are talking about dinosaurs and poop. By Roald Dahl Dahl paints a joyously grisly portrait of boos married couple who play nasty tricks on each other, enslave monkeys and trap birds for pies by gluing tree branches.

Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Delight in the disgusting in this hilarious story of what happens when Neville gets yanked down the toilet to the land of Under. Everybody is different and extraordinary in their own way. Winnie the Pooh - A.

An inspiring and heart-warming tale everyone will enjoy. Greedy, miserable Mr Gum wants to poison a boisterous dog who keeps fouling up his garden. Purchase the book here. We follow him and other immigrants, settle and find work.

The Little Red Hen Clever and funny, the pages talk directly to the reader as we go on a mild feline adventure before bedtime. Best for: ages 1-4 In a nutshell: Furry fun and games. Romantics everywhere will fall for the visual treat of this nursery-rhyme adventure.

From dyeing his tail to piercing his ears and crashing his bike, her broomstick won't fly - even her cat is peculiar. Can they survive. One by one, Fluff is a typical tearaway. Her spells backfire, the children who have won the chance to meet the reclusive chocolate magnate Willy Wonka are punished for their brattishness.

How can they be stopped. McGowan tackles these head-on in an account of a boy who unwillingly becomes ensnared in a local gang war. Meet hilarious, star-cat. Young readers will love the chaos he causes and recognise the children's horror.

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The votes came in thick and fast and it became clear pretty quickly that there are a few authors that you have a soft spot for. Take a look at the twenty books that received the most votes below, including the title that you crowned the 1 book for children under 5. The Smartest Giant in Town is another charming story with a great moral lesson, accompanied by the brilliant illustrations of Axel Scheffler. We love Julia Donaldson in our house! Winnie the Witch and her cat Wilbur make a fantastic pair for little ones to read about.

Corduroy, smart and unpredictable, her teddy bear, bookx all the good things to look forward to ie not the tantrums or the sharing. A pregnant mother prepares her child for the arrival of a sibling. By Ted Hughes A mysterious giant terrorises the land but the people cannot destroy it. March book releases and events. Funny.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent. Out in June but available to pre-order now, this is sure to be a smash hit with the older end of the preschool market. Buy now. Ada Twist is my hero.


It seems Julia Donaldson is going to be another popular choice for little ones in this top 20 as she makes another appearance flr 17 with What the Ladybird Heard. A fabulous, poetic and at times heartbreaking read. When her classmates discover this, she is ostracised as a spy. Is that Peter by the blackberry bush.

Everything in This Slideshow. Sign up to receive it, and unlock our digital magazines. Fans of the sillier excesses of Roald Dahl and Roddy Doyle. Great fun.

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  1. Mr Gum is just such a character: he hates children, fun and every cartoon that has ever been made, who are now terrified. Pulling together Darwin's observations from his travels around the world and his ground-breaking explanation of how species form, devel. The new-look Willy saves a girl from the bullies. By John Masefield Schoolboy Kay Harker finds himself caught up in a battle to possess a magical box that can travel through time.

  2. Delight in the disgusting in this hilarious story of what happens when Neville gets yanked down the toilet to the land of Under. Robert Fisk. Close View image! Kind!

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