Best tasting cabbage soup diet recipe

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Cabbage soup diet: everything you need to know about the diet plan

Cabbage Soup is a savory vegetable soup made with carrots, celery, onions, cabbage, diced tomato and spices. Cabbage soup will last for days in the refrigerator, when sealed tightly. I always make a double batch of this cabbage soup recipe so I can freeze half of it for a quick dinner another night. Let it cool completely before putting it into an airtight container and freezing. This will keep for about months.
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Chicken Orzo Soup: Healthy, Fast and Yummy

Cabbage Soup Diet is designed to help shed fat fast. But, as with all strict diets, there are health risks to consider. You spend a week, and no more, eating unlimited amounts of low-calorie cabbage soup, which you cook yourself at home.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

Guiltless Ice Cream Sandwiches. Instead of cooking veggies in water use chicken stock? I hated today. Cook over a medium heat until the soup is the vegetables are tender and the soup is the right consistency.

Love soup on these cooler days. Kept me full until it was time for lunch. I love this soup so much. Made last night in the Instantpot.

I hated today. Servings: 8 2 cups each. Jump to Recipe. I am not doing the cabbage soup diet, but I am making big pots of it and eating it for lunch everyday.

A Cook From Canada seemed pretty outraged that the editors did not put a more expansive precursor for this redipe. Looking forward to following your recipes. I will be making this again. Want More Recipes Like This.

Servings: 8 2 cups each. I always make a double batch of this cabbage soup recipe so I can freeze half of it for a quick dinner another night. Turn on suop soup function and set it for 20 minutes. I only added one bouillon cube because of all the salt from the sausage and sauce.

Your Email Address. Turn off the heat and add salt to taste. Add everything to the instant pot and stir. Pace yourself after the diet and eat small, and protei.

Here’s what you need to know.

So glad you liked it and were able to make it to your taste. Paula - This recipe is wonderful, especially in winter. I am going on a cruise in a couple of weeks and need to lose a few pounds.

Momo42 - Recipe Rating. Thank you and I will share this with my Facebook friens. The soup is a winner.

I have to be careful with green pepper. And guess what. But I think an idiot clause applies here. This cabbage soup recipe is a quick way to lose fasting few pounds and kick start a diet.

I had turkey sausage and roasted veggies for breakfast. At any rate, so good, when I'm slowly chewing my protein every other day. I had a stir-fry with chicken and veggies for lunch.

Do you remember the cabbage soup diet? While I would never advocate eating just one thing over and over, I have to say that I AM a big fan of this cabbage soup. Yeah, I was surprised too. The first time I had this famed diet cabbage soup I expected it to be boring at best, but I was pleasantly surprised by an extremely flavorful and comforting soup that had me coming back for seconds, and even thirds. The more the better, really. And guess what?


One Pot Recipes. Looking to change the way we riet and eatenjoying you recipes. Looks YuM 3 stars for appearance. Adding a dash of mustard seed powder… yum.

Day 8- 10lbs down this morning and I can see it!. Beth - Budget Bytes - Glad you thought it was easy though. I have also tried the cabbage soup diet and it is wonderful especially after riet holidays.

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  2. Eating some of this soup every week for two months and have lost 18 pounds! Sounds delicious. We prefer to leave it up to the reader to use the database or calculator they trust.

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