Best book series for early readers

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best book series for early readers

The ultimate guide to early chapter books for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade - The Measured Mom

Growing readers want to read the best level 1 books — books with great stories and information that will keep them excited about reading. These level 1 reading books feature short sentences, big type, and supportive picture clues. Clara and Clem are in for unexpected surprises when their robot made of blocks transports them into space. Learn about fascinating jungle animals from toucans to jaguars in this fact-based book with colorful photographs. Big and little dogs, red and green dogs all go to a dog party in this wild and crazy rhyming story. Gorgeous photographs and simple text show the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies. These animals can do all sorts of amazing things while balancing apples on top of their heads in this beginning reader filled with both silly humor and illustrations.
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Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends! Box Set 1- My Very First I Can Read

Best Early Reader Books for Emerging Readers

Charming black and white illustrations accompany stories about Dani, and the author integrates science concepts in a natural way. Ada is both intelligent and relatable, a second grader who lives with her widowed father and faces the ups and downs of everyday life. Each book features a different student in the class. These two things meant gest expectations were quite low; however, I was pleasantly surprised.

What about graphics, such as Baby mou. At least 30 books in the series. The objective of this new would be to use the powerful mediums of animation and television to excite kids about reading.

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Justin Casereading these repetitive books can actually be good for young readers who need to improve comprehension and fluency. Until Pug comes along. Once I get her hooked on a series, we will use the library. That said, by Rachel Vail guided reading level: P. How will Keena get out of this mess.

Inspire a love of reading from an early age and boost their development with these engaging, educational stories. Learning to read should be a voyage of discovery; a route to mastery of the code that grants young children access to a world of stories and adventures. Unfortunately, much of the reading material they are presented with at school — often for genuine educational or budgetary reasons — can be tedious and uninspiring, not to mention held together with sticky tape and stickier fingerprints. Below is a selection of books that should encourage infant-school age children to want to read and progress. This list is made up of new titles, so books published in the last year or two, rather than a round up of classics. We have also taken into account that children learn at different paces, so we have tried not to be too prescriptive about age ranges, but our picks should cover readers from, roughly, age four, when they start school and first begin phonics, to the move to junior school at seven years old. My daughter likes little details such as the ribbon attached to each for keeping your place.


Older children may find them boring. Goldie Blox is a smart, by David A. I also do not understand the level ratings. At least 18 books in the series Andy Russell books, quirky girl engineer who loves to invent things.

These books are clever and engaging. My daughter loves these books as she wants to be a doctor in the future! Puppy Pirates series, by Erin Soderberg guided reading level: M. Gerald can.

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  1. Henry Huggins is an average year-old boy who often finds himself in unusual situations. We own all the books, and they make great read-alouds for younger siblings. Plot is often linear. Funnybunny is on a mission to be anything other than a bunny.

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