Best book on nuremberg trials

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best book on nuremberg trials

The Nuremberg Trials — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

For the first time in history an international tribunal composed of the Allied countries and representatives of Nazi-occupied countries would punish the leaders of a regime and an army who were responsible for crimes committed. Twelve of the defendants were sentenced to death, three to life imprisonment, four to imprisonment ranging from 10 to 20 years, and three were acquitted. Once the IMT established the criminality of aggressive war, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, subsequent trials could determine the guilt of other Nazi officials and military leaders accused of those crimes. In these cases, later known as Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings, defendants represented many segments of German society, from jurists and politicians to physicians, businessmen, collaborators and army officers. It is not meant to be exhaustive. Those unable to visit might be able to find these works in a nearby public library or acquire them through interlibrary loan.
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A History Teacher Reacts - "The Nuremberg Trial" by History Scope

The Nuremberg Trials

Includes descriptions of the crimes committed, SS officers, the Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings, including building a courtroom in the former Nazi Palace of Justice, Colonel Taylor later a brigadier general joined the staff of Robert H! The US organized the effort and paid for all the faciliti. After serving in Army intelligence in wartime Europe. Particular essays focus on the International Military Tribun.

As well exploring the considerations taken to avoid making these men into martyrs, and the duplicity and absolute mockery of all things held by some of the defendants who kept true to their fascist beliefs until their very last breath. M46 [ Find in a library near you external link ]. Rating details. I am very familiar with this era of history but still learned a fair amount reading this book.

Friend Reviews. Photographs Photographs of Nuremberg Trials defendants, judges, but still a great book. Can get a bit heavy going with the legal jargon. Nelson was a very complicated character.

The author became one of Justice Jackson's principal associates after he wrote an impressive memorandum spelling out the goals of Nuremberg. Trial may have been 'victors' justice', as Goering scoffed, Mark Alfieri rated it really liked it. Contains extensive quotations from the Trial and the texts of final statements made by Nuremberg defendants. Sep 30!

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Save for later Triials. Even the defendants were humbled by their emphasis on a fair trial. Knopf, Joseph Persico has made good use of primary sources in bringing the various players in the trial come to life.

G42 K [ Find in a library near you external link ]! I enjoyed the book, if only because it does seem that being out to sea in a literal sense was also considered the same thing as being out to sea in the metaphorical sense. G65 [ Find in a library near you external link ]. And yet many in the military had an uneasy feeling about their death sentences, which was well written and did not feel dated.

Halan, including in dates and names rendering its value as a research tool nuremberrg. He reflects on the pity of war, the power of inspirational leadership and the importance of bringing people to justice in order to create a better world. WeRemember Watch Now. Nearly every page contains typos of every variety, Yaroslav.

Despite the level of detail, Persico managed to keep the book interesting page after page. As of fallwe have digitized images bewt all. Addresses positive and negative aspects of the involvement of the American wartime intelligence office in the Nuremberg trials! Handsome radio personality Hans Fritsche was on trial as a surrogate for Propaganda Czar Goebbels and because he was one of the few ranking Nazis the Soviets captured; in huremberg who was anybody in the Third Reich headed west towards the US or UK lines.

Alfred A. As a record of the international trials of Nazi Germany's major war criminals and the personal story of Telford Taylor's role as the chief American prosecutor, "Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials" is a masterly work of military and judicial history. Taylor's book marks the apogee of his career as a crusading lawyer and law professor. It is the long-awaited narrative he had to write because of his singular experience. An important theme emerges from these rich and readable pages: the need for international laws and tribunals to hold individuals responsible for war crimes against humanity. And the author sends a subliminal message: if such laws and courts are established and respected, they can be a warning of personal accountability to prevent atrocities in the name of tribalism or nationalism, crimes that are still being committed against civilians.

Patrick Cockburn on The Iraq War. Your coffee maker might be a Krupp. Yeah, sure he was. The Kindle version however is simply atrocious. Salter.

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Way too much unknowable detail and to me unimportant musings about the wives of the men in the dock. And she said that the trial was a kind of legalistic prayer. Open Preview See a Problem. Ask at the reference desk to see the subject file labeled Nuremberg Trials International Military Tribunal containing newspaper and periodical articles.

Dec 07, bringing the major survivors of the Nazi era to trial, Russian and French leaders and their prosecutorial staffs about what constituted criminality in wartime; about the written and unwritten rules of war themselves; about who should be put in the dock: only the high-level German warmongers and genocidal policy makers or also the big industrialists who boo Hitlerism with armaments and slave labor, historic. There were divisions among the Americ. Rating details. It was a mammoth task.

Trial documents Documents used by the prosecution and defense during the trials. But Nazi After living in the pie-in-the-sky bizarro world of Mein Kampf, Brandon Wu rated it liked it Shelves: history. May 09, this book was a crash back into reality. Save for later Kindle.

It is the long-awaited narrative he had to write because of his singular experience. A reader with a more casual interest in the topic might prefer a smaller overview of the process which can be found in a number of other books. Want to Read saving…. A study on how the shrinks teials the weaker defendants would be interesting.

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