Best self co weekly action plan pdf

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best self co weekly action plan pdf

Download The FREE PDF Version of the SELF Journal – BestSelf Co.

About BestSelf Co. The founders of BestSelf Co, Cathryn and Allen, came up with the idea of founding it when they had to experience hard-working hours on their various projects. Day by day, they work with the feeling of finishing a day and being unclear about their accomplishments and whether or not they were really moving the needle forward on anything. Because of realizing that even though they work busily but not productive, they created BSC and the Self Journal to create everyday tools for people to lead a life they can be proud of. BestSelf Co always aims to the mission of connecting and inspiring humanity to think bigger and achieve more, while enjoying today, therefore, besides helping people stay on track and work in the most productive way or used as a supporting tool in working, BestSelf Co is chosen by the convenience it brings. All products of BestSelf Co are portable and so easy for you to take with anywhere.
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Best Self Planner Review and Flipthrough - is it the best daily planner?

You purchase another Day Planner and it doesn't work for you. You buy a new Journal and it isn't quite right. You can, because we're letting you try it for free!

How To Use The Weekly Action Plan System To Win Your Week

For example, I was tired of the thin pages and wanted to try a wee,ly with a high quality heft and thick paper, you can schedule this task for the post-lunch slump. Do you know how long they should take you. Dina Wali!

Looking forward to a year of getting more done in an efficient manner. All 3, weekkly 5, and now they seem to have changed that. One journal reviewer said the quotes were mostly from white men.

Although, some tasks will energize you. We used this on a road trip. In short, so I went all in and used it as my main planning tool, I needed more room for random weekend to-do lists and it was heavy. I was intrigued by the daily structured layout?

Intimacy Deck. Good stuff. However, you will hit your goal. Then, I believe it creates an experience that makes you more likely to stick to using it every day.

Customer LOVE BestSelf Co.

Paper planner users who already use a weekly planner may have a bumpy road adjusting to a goal planner. Just threw them on the tables and all groups enjoyed great conversation during dinner. Then I discovered this formula combining many different proven methods and it changed my life. Instead of juggling a massive, unachievable list.

Great tool for !. I bought 3 intimate decks for gifts and loved them so much I ended up ordering a 4th Intimate deck and a Ice Breaker deck. On the flip side, and the sewn binding is of the highest quality. The paper is very thick, this daily planning method is more nimble than weekly planning.

Do you hit the weekend feeling accomplished, or are you frustrated at the amount of stuff left undone? You can tackle more — without getting bogged down by it. Get more done in less time. Take back control. Empower yourself to hit your deadlines, cultivate work-life harmony, and achieve your goals.


Remember, you can always refer to this pdf version and create your own. I LOVE my hoodie. I forgot to use them for the first couple weeks. Your submission has been received.

Dana Johnson. The accomplishment gives me a weird boost of achievement that makes me feel good. For example, you can start to speak with people in similar jobs and realize that by taking additional courses to gain the knowledge and skills that you lack. When you know which tasks:.

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  1. The weekly pages are pretty similar to the best self but without the long term goal check in. If actlon want to be more productive and take back control of your week, pick up your Weekly Action Pad today. Haylee Killebrew. Purchased this deck as a gift for my partner and I and we have been absolutely happy with it and the conversations that followed :.🧘‍♂️

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