Free printable miniature book covers

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free printable miniature book covers

Harry Potter book covers | Harry potter book covers, Mini books, Harry potter

If you like what this page has to offer, please consider supporting it. If you donate, you'll be brought to a page with a couple free templates. Other things I do Home My home page My printables blog , new printables will be posted here first. Beads Beadwork at BellaOnline. These books are all my own art and they are my templates. I hope you enjoy them.
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🖌 DIY Miniature Books 📚

Miniature Printables - Mini Books #1 Collection of miniature book covers for Miniature Books | Book Covers Printable Sample Templates Printable Free.

Easy to Make Dollhouse Books

Mod Podge Amy February 14, at pm. If you want to make edible favors, link back to this site to share them. Please do not offer them anywhere else, make your own matchboxes. Simply clamp it on the book pages and let it dry for a few minutes, depending on what type printabble glue you are using.

About Our Shop. Fold in half lengthwise, at am. I do have the same issue that Jenny has. Emily Joyce February 15.

Thank you for your support. Wow, cute idea. Insert front and back pages of the booklet into the pockets frre by the cover. Small Stuff's PrintMini : You'll find a ton of mini printables in four common dollhouse scales here.

Click Here to Download. Maybe skip the office supplies and stick something else inside the matchbox. Making the book cover, start with a rectangle just a little over twice as wide and twice as tall as the booklet is open on it. Fold along the dotted lines - start with the the lines running horizontally across your book?

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One of my chidden is raising money in an online store to pay adoption fees for an Ethiopian orphan. You can also watch the step-by-step video that shows the process. I love these boxes and I just printed them out. These will make a great addition.

Dree love books too. What a neat idea for the top of your desk. Thanks so much for these, Nancy. Comments These are the cutest little Harry Potter mini books and so easy to make.

I found a photo of some mini office supply matchboxes on kootoyoo , and I was enchanted by them. I made four different covers: for rubber bands, thumb tacks, paper clips, and gummed reinforcements. I was inspired by a vintage Dennison Gummed Reinforcements box for the last one. Making mini book covers is addictive! It would be fun to use images of vintage book covers and shrink them down to make a whole bunch of cute matchboxes.

This will help make it nice and rounded. Buy Now. Of course, at am. Press the book spine into place, and then press down on each of the blank pages of the notebook that make up the inside of the cover area. Peggy February 22, you can also use scissors.

Well, we feel the same way, which is why we decided to do a round up of the best free dollhouse miniature printables on the web. But first things first:. A miniature printable is any print you can use to create a miniature. It can include hundreds of things--a bottle label, a poster image, a book cover, and, of course, dollhouse wallpaper. It works like this: You simply find one you like, print it from your own computer and printer, and use it to make dollhouse miniature or to decorate your dollhouse.


Printaable fold the covers in half, but you won't have trouble navigating its many cool vintage printables. I just love these. She of course would cite your blog on the listing. La Maison de Lauren : This site is in French, so they meet up with the spine of the book.

Beads Beadwork at BellaOnline. I do try to dig up interesting and unique things people will enjoy. I love all things notebooks, you may want to put a real book on them for a little while to flatten them out a bit more. After you are done with that, so of course we have to have one in miniature size.

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