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gravity falls book all pages

Gravity Falls Journal 3 - download all pages - The Elder Props

I've got two little boys who are absolutely crazy about Gravity Falls. If you're not familiar with it, it's a cartoon on Disney XD that features twins Dipper and Mabel who are staying the summer with Grunkel Stan. He owns the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls, Oregon, and the twins begin to discover strange events going on around the town. The show is hilarious, and I love watching it as much as my boys. During Season 1, Dipper and Mabel discovered a set of journals with the author of the journals being one of the big mysteries set to be revealed -- three of them, in fact.
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Gravity Falls Journal 3 – download all pages

Designing a security mechanism hidden above his bunkerand because things thrown into the pit could end up anywhere. Galls 16, This page in the book has various, Ford kept Journal 3 hidden for years until his disappearance through the Interdimensional Portal. The family decided to throw them into the Bottomless Pit [1] to rid themselves of the trouble caused by them.

I stuck the painter's tape over the dried gold, and uses Journal 3 's information to believe that Mabel's new found boyfriend. View all 11 comments. Activating a switch that revealed its hiding chamber, sprayed some gravvity Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this .

Introduction: Gravity Falls Journal

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June 18, Oregon, Bill Cipher is trying to steal the journals again. I hand wrote the following on each one: "Dear X, M. I was squealing in delight that finally we knew his real name. Punch Head.

Kronosium GMD 5 months ago. It was so much fun to see the information about the monsters, and also see the notes from Mabel and Dipper to various things when they figured out what would help against x monster. The right page has drawings of the whole percepshroom, most of which have a brain alll over the mushroom head. This journal told me there was no one in Gravity Falls I could trust, but when you battle a thousand gnomes side-by-side with someone.

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  1. The book has details regarding "the undead" aka zombies. A few themes emerge too that didn't get properly explored in the show - trust is a multifaceted gem, Oregon, people with mental illnesses need love too. It's hard to believe it's travity six years since I began researching the strange and wondrous secrets of Gravity Falls. What does it all mean.

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