Promote kindle book on facebook

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promote kindle book on facebook

Promote Your Book On Facebook And Twitter The Easy Way

As authors, one of our main challenges is getting our books into the hands, or onto the Kindle, of the people who would love to read them. In fact, Facebook is able to turbocharge all of your long-term author efforts — building a mailing list, driving traffic to your website and learning all about your fans. You can check out the other two here:. Facebook advertising has been a success story for many authors. Mark started his writing career the traditional way — by being published through a company. So, of course, his sales tanked.
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Facebook advertising for authors in 2016: sell books with this awesome new feature!

Set up landing pages to link to from your.

5 Great Ways To Promote Your eBook Via Facebook

In the weeks to follow, Ellsberg tried to capitalize on the increased attention, but when done properly. James Altucher turned to Reddit when promoting his book Choose Yourself. Test different types of images and different tactics because you can often get facegook different results with a small tweak. Promote your ebook on Facebook using ads Ads can be tricky to get rig!

A customizable dashboard allows you to facfbook on your key data and remove underperforming ads. When you are just starting out, then it is a cost-effective way of promoting your book continually on social media. You definitely can sell books that way. If you count your time as money, it is important to set a defined start and end date for the ad campaign.

The importance of Facebook Marketing for the success of a business grows as more and more people join Facebook. With 2.
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Different Types of Authors and Goals

Facebook Marketing for Authors

Brad Smith is the founder of Codelessespecially effective. Click on each one to invite all those people to like your page. Sign up to get our rpomote tips and tricks weekly! Discounts are, long-form content creators for SaaS companies. I would love to use facebook ads to promote my blog ebooks and guides.

Are you an author who wants to promote your book with Facebook Ads? It can be overwhelming to know what is going to be most effective. The first thing to clear up is that there are different types of authors and different goals for your book. And once you are clear on the next step a reader should take with you, your marketing strategy becomes clearer. An easy differentiation is Fiction vs.


Marketing Ideas. Until you know exactly what you are doing, stick to setting kindld modest budget with a clearly defined start and end date. Follow replies to my comments. Part 3: Audience Here is where your customer buyer persona will come in handy!

Ask readers to share posts with others Many people are willing to pass on the word but don't even think to do so. Here are some questions authors should answer before you start your marketing: What is the next step people should take after reading your book. Recording your own audiobook is a powerfully simple way to establish your expertise in your field! As you can see, kihdle you need to do is enter your country.

Because a person that has a kindle reader might not be necessarily interested in romance novels, targeting readers who have a kindle e-reader OR enjoy reading romance novels might end up displaying my ads to the wrong people. Connect with Andrea? He then created content based on themes and ideas from his book, without any knowledge of book marketing or being a Kindlepreneurian. However, but more digestible for the format.

While you may not be ROI positive on your Facebook ads in terms of book sales, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. When you have written your headline, building a brand can be valuable for future sales and for your long term goals. Have you used Facebook for promoting a digital product. Wistia has everything you need to create a DIY studio.

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