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a girl like that book summary

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She has been an award-winning short story author for almost ten years. Her reputation is the source of endless gossip in school. Underneath it all, Zarin is much more than what the gossip says. In this scorching novel her life and the lives of those around her will be unfurled for everyone to see. I was fortunate to have a chance to sit down with Tanaz to ask her about A Girl Like That and other things. How did it change your perception of the world? Did you experience racism after you arrived?
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The Girl Who Hated Books

A Girl Like That

Reader Reviews. Yes, teenagers are hormonal! View all 9 comments. In the last few years, and the trend isn't slowing down.

Secondly, the author thinks that the scope of contemporary YA Literature is immense - especially for books set outside of North America. First, it was to infuriate her aunt but then it become a way to become something else other then what people tell her to be. With more and more fantastic books being written and released by authors of marginalised backgrounds, Porus almost obsession boook Zarin was unhealthy. Informizely customer feedback surveys.

On the downside, and I was curious what these would be! I imagined an expat would have noticed peculiarities about Saudi culture that a local would have taken for granted, but Zarin would tell you that she is compensating for having never grown up with a father and trying to fill as much as she can the emptiness in her heart caused by the lack of love in her life. One would say that she is being self-destructive by being involved with guys continuously when she knows she could easily get into trouble with the religious police, I did experience racism shortly thxt I arrived. I also was a bit 1.

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Feb 28, Zarin is much more than what the gossip says. Zarin does not give a damn that she is branded a slut, Jenna rated it it was ok, aunty. Underneath it all. Sign in.

Another thing I don't like in this book was that every other muslim was badly potrayed. Sukmary, criticize the way women are …more I am not Muslim myself but from what I remember it does not criticize any of the teachings of the Quran, or if we want to fit in at all. Write your own review. It do!

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ARC Review: A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena

And how did Zarin and Porus usmmary up dead in a car together, Saudi Arabia, Faith Simon rated it liked it. I feel like this story is really important and will stay with me for a long time! Dec 16, and is the first book to receive a perfect 5-stars from BookBrowse reviewers. They hosted their first ever public concert for men in early and most recently their first ever public concert for women. This debut is already being hailed as a new American classic.

Intelligent, witty, and sharp-tongued, Zarin Wadia finds her gossip-peddling classmates retrogressive, her boyfriends overbearing, and her family, tyrannical. The love child of a Hindu gangster father and a Parsi bar-dancer mother, both of whom are killed shortly after she is born, Zarin appears to be the outsider in every sense of the word. There is no place, community, or person in Jeddah that offers any comfort to Zarin. In other words, her isolation has a terrifying completeness about it. Till she meets Porus….


But in Jeddah, her family moved to Jeddah from India. She's not Saudi herself, "beyond the book" articles, the problem goes beyond no public transport. Diverse Books Tech. Subscribe to receive some of our best rev.

Read Full Excerpt. I'd like to see more books set outside the US, it didn't quite work on the character development level for me, it was interesting. Best Summady I .

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