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help me find a book

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Welcome to Old Children's Books, selling children's literature and picture books online since We stock more than 10, scarce, collectible and out-of-print books, for readers, teachers and collectors. Flat Stanley is looking for a book! His own book, first issued in , with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer. He won't find a nice copy! It's a very rare book. Every day we receive emails from people searching for childhood books.
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It's been five years. She has a terrible fear of planes and flying, but she's forced to join a flight training academy thing. Regency paranormal book. She has ehlp tree house she hangs out in.

He in turn actually called the College President who called me and escorted my daughter to financial aide. They won and hhelp President somehow was gotten rid of the this other man became president. This is the only way I ever get any work done: with a deadline. It's a very rare book.

The main character is a boy whose birthday is coming up and he has to go and get his "mark" which is described as a tattoo that is sparkly? Gold book cover. Constructive comments like magnoliasouth helps heelp more. Showing 5 of topics - 3, comments total.

But without that first book, you will never learn the lessons you might otherwise miss out on! Any information would be much appreciated. It was about a family and Christmas What I remember of the book was a teddy bear was abandoned at a dump.

The girl had a baby boy they named feather. I read it when I was like 18 and now I am This book was written prior to Maybe, a memory will pop up.

Jasmin B. I would guess that the book was written in the 80s but it may have been a bit earlier or later no later than He comes home and she tries to keep her son hid from him but in the end they end up getting married and building a home down the road from her parents! The book is about a futuristic world where all people are segregated - whites with whites.

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Because, apparently, -Kyle. Thanks. I hope they help you tackle and finish the book you dream of writing. Im looking for a findd of illustrated childrens books possibly from the 60's 70's or 80's.

Separate plates ehlp in text. I know the description is quite vague but I am desperate, please help? I think the book was yellow?! Just sit down and write.

Happiness is like a drug. It feels so good that we continually seek out more of those euphoric moments just to get another hit. In our modern society, being happy has become a symbol of success, and science backs that up. The answer is books. Just type "happiness" into Amazon , and you'll be presented with more than 90, titles featuring tips, tricks, and methods for bringing joy into your life.


Nicole Ellenson. Girls that live in a cottage in a meadow save a rabbit from trap I keep thinking the name of this book is Away in a Meadow, or perhaps A Cottage in the Mead! Separate plates or in text. YA fiction Two or three teens adopted by older couple!

Looking for a Childhood Book. Family was big and wealthy finc characters also called Carolyn and had brother and sister in law but only read until chapter 3. How old were you? Read More for your next novel:.

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  1. You have to be more specific -- for e. Autograph book style poems about food I took this book out of the library a few years ago; I remember almost everything about it except the title and the author. The boy's brother was devastated. Young adult book.

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