Audio books on google music

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audio books on google music

How to Buy and Listen to Google Play’s New Audiobooks

Google Home integration is lovely. The big negative: content. Google needs more Audiobooks. At long last, Audible has a worthy competitor. In most ways, Audible is a fantastic service. Great selection. Great features.
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Published 26.05.2019

Audiobooks in Google Play!

This week Google started selling audiobooks through the Google Play Store. And after purchasing a book this afternoon, I was getting ready to join Nate from The Digital Reader in declaring that the experience of actually using Google Play for audiobooks is frustrating and disappointing. Unfortunately there are still a few things that will probably keep me from spending a lot of money on audiobooks from the Play Store.

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It was so bad that I concluded "Google clearly does not" care about selling audiobooks. Boing Boing has brought my attention to the fact that Google will let you download your purchased audiobooks as DRM-free files. You can find the download option in the audiobooks tab in the "My Books" section of the Google Play website. Simply click the 3-dot menu icon for a given ebook, and then select the export option. I checked, and I can confirm this is true. I got the complete file, and not just a sample.


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This is an audio book about saying it - and hearing it - clearly. Organized Planning 7. Like Vikarti says, not all audiobooks support downloading! You can take any situation-and make it work for you.

Towards the end of the month, as that of the publisher being considered the seller with the online vendor acting as an 'agent', Google umsic that it was temporarily closing its Books Partner Center for new signups. Gabrielle Bernstein. Jen Sincero. Clancy stated that Google Editions would let publishers set the prices for their books and would accept the 'agency' model.

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