On my way to school book

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on my way to school book

Finding My Way Books, Inclusion of Children with Disabilities

Early goal setting is essential as it helps with motivation, focus and a sense of direction. Defining those goals, however, can be overwhelming. Use this goal-setting checklist to make sure your students are on the path to success. SMART is an acronym that you can use with your students to help guide goal setting. To make a goal specific you must focus your attention on what you want to achieve. Your student will still be learning English, but their goal is more focused. Goals need to be measurable, so you and your students can see when progress is being made.
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I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way

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Sarah Maizes and Michael Getting ready for school is the perfect time to procrastinate? The illustrations are amazing and children and adults will be eager to turn page after page. They are old enough to have figured out how to manipulate their parents, but still young bopk that they are easily forgiven for their mistakes. Subscribe Already registered.

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  2. On My Way to School [Sarah Maizes, Michael Paraskevas] on fccmansfield.org freelance writer and the author of On My Way to the Bath―a Children's Book.

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