General agriculture objective questions ebook

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general agriculture objective questions ebook

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General awareness needed for all exams and interviews. So, please go through this frequently asked questions from this topics. Take SBI Clerk free mock test for online practice test. Countries having Franc as their currency. Cabinet ministers of India PDF. Famous books and Authors list PDF.
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Agriculture gk + Agriculture MCQ Questions Answers । general agriculture objective questions ebook, agriculture question and answer.

GK Quiz on Indian Agriculture

Home About Us Contact. Which one of the following is largest in area National Park in Chhattisgarh state. Chandrika Prasad C Dr. Phulo Devi Netam D Smt.

When you really want something, test prep 1 to learn online elementary school courses for geography degree. Daily GK Update - 27th March D China Ans : A 8. Agriculture multiple choice questions MCQsthe whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it!!.

Famous books and Authors list PDF. A Basic English grammar mcqs with answers pdf english grammar mcqs download, quiz on english grammar with. Indian Dynasties and their Founders and their Capitals.

Daily GK update- 9th April We keep updating general knowledge multiple choice questions. Shukla C U! D Samajwadi Party Ans : B .

Keywords: 1st, agri ,sem-e. Tags: Agriculture. Which of the material is not used for making rollers. Agriculture Ans- B Forest assets and tourism.

Which of the following tool is used for measuring the draft of agricultural implements. Who is the first Director General of Police in Chhattisgarh. Elliot Ans : A ? D China Ans : A 8.

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Wrought iron contains carbon per cent - A 0. Where has the Cashew Research Centre been established in the state. List of Thermal Genetal plants in India with Capacity pdf. Our A Level Economics Grade Booster workshop is designed to provide essential revision support to all A Level Economics students as they complete their preparation for the three papers in Applications of Biotechnology: The applications of Biotechnology are found mostly in industrial areas for the well being of human and other living organisms, crop production and agric.

Lithosphere MCQs, sustainable development quiz questions and answers for online college degrees. List of Generall Research Centers in India. We are pleased to inform you that on this page you can easily get the all testing material and OTS sample past papers in a very systematic form of online Mcqs against each subject as well as General Knowledge Pak study, Every day S. The transition to intensive agriculture brought with it a number of inevitable major social changes.

Skip to main content. For effective ageiculture of its activities and functions, the commission is guided by a chairman and five members under him. In this post we are serving the multiple choice questions of Basic English language. Please note studentlanka cannot guarantee the accuracy of these MCQ answers, and please always check with the official marking scheme answers.

What is the main function of zinc in the plants. In which of the following districts has the forest helped technology project established. Agriculture and Rural development Notes Herbicides are less use in Horse gram cultivation… a Crop is renumerative b Crop is less renumerative c Sturdy crop d None of these.

Agriculture 1. Comprehensive and up-to-date question bank of mutiple choice objective practice questions and answers on Agriculture for Competitive Exams. Wheat and barley. Agriculture multiple choice questions and answers on agriculture MCQ questions quiz on agriculture objectives questions. Here we are providing the online test about Pakistan Agriculture information. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister Dr.


You are very important to us. Daily GK Update - 22nd March Which one of the following is the first established cement factory in Chhattisgarh. Lessons for basic training genrral on the web.

A 2- row potato harvester, can do how much hectare per day. Industry faces an elastic supply curve of labor because the marginal product of labor gfneral agriculture is a. Akiochi' disease in rice is due to the toxicity caused by 1. Short essay on parishram hi safalta ki kunji hai.

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