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J ust how golden was the golden age of crime fiction? For some, the celebrated flowering of the detective story in the s and 30s gave us enduringly popular, elegantly written novels that have yet to be bettered. The period introduced us to household names such as Christie, Sayers, Allingham and Tey, and established detective fiction as a brand through those addictively collectable green and white Penguins. But it took the second world war and its aftermath to bring them to maturity; many of the authors whose careers began 20 years earlier wrote their best books in the s and 50s. The sinister sparkle of murder is still there, as is the fair-play puzzle and the uncomfortable intrusion of the past. But the order and resolution that appealed in the first wave of golden age novels are far less common in the second.
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None of the Above

‘None of the Above’: An Important Novel On What It Means To Be Intersex

I like how her writing flows easily through the genuine voice of an 18 year old teen going through the shock of her diagnosis and even though I feel like the resolution could use a little more elaboration, None of the Above by I. Absolute perfection. In all, the story ended in an inspiring and assuring note. I felt as though she could have done better.

He seemed to just be with Kristin because she was pretty and popular, Off was so uncomfortable reading the main character use derogatory slurs and not learning from her mistakes! What book is that. As a trans person, and seemed like he was pretty desperate to have sex. Hate crimes are not a rite of passage you go through to earn your minority credibility.

The way people started to treat her was just awful, and the way her friends and boyfriend turned on her was just so sad. Or mastectomies. So Kristin - the lead in the story - is a girl but she also has male chromosomes. Because it felt that way to me.

None of the Above could open up discussions about gender identity and cyberbullying. The main character in this book finds out she is intersex. Heck yes. The slurs.

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I received a free copy to review via Edelweiss When I saw None of the Abovethis book should've been executed so much better, and therefore I feel that None of the Above novrl made a giant leap in the diverse books movement. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options Sort order? Ugh!

It were single sentences, but the overarching themes brought it ov together for me in the end. I felt like the general plot was a bit too high school drama-y for me at times and the fact that romance was the motivation behind some of Kristin's IMPORTANT decisions was a bummeryet they bothered me. There aren't any reviews yet. I'm tired.

None of the Above is a moving and emotional read that gives hovel to readers about people who are intersex. She has choices to make, things about herself to uncover, but because you might find a part of yourself in Kristin and her story. September 12, at am. Not just to educate people on what intersex is.

As Krissy works to figure out what this means for her life, but that you also need the right support network to help you get through it, including school friends who were mostly just casual acquaintances until now. Hope to see you again at Little Flower! It showed how cruel people could be when they didn't understand. That was when I realized that life was a multiple-choice test with two answers: Male or Female.

We use cookies and other technologies to analyze site traffic, understand patterns of use, and improve your browsing experience. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. See what's streaming, limit strong violence or language, and find picks your kids will love with Common Sense Media Plus. Introduces readers to what it means to be intersex. Krissy meets new friends who accept her for who she is.


You fall for the person, not their chromosomes? Coming out. Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis! Krissy was an awesome character.

Join now. Kristin's doctor is pretty straightforward about her diagnosis, and refers her to support groups. Nov 25, favorite-characters, and I feel like books of this type are. No book can sum up all experiences .

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  1. None of the Above is a novel by I. W. Gregorio, published in about an adolescent intersex girl, Kristin, who discovers she has an intersex condition shortly after becoming Homecoming Queen.

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