General and i chinese drama novel

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general and i chinese drama novel

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A drama that built potential initially due to its source material and hired cast, only to end with a bitter taste of disappointment in the mouth. As many has discovered with this drama, so much hype surrounded this one, simply because of its original novel, and the popularity our two main leads have in the C-drama industry. However, of course with most highly anticipated dramas, there is such high expectations, too high to the point where the fall downwards is just painful to watch unfold. Broadcast Date: January 2 nd — February 10 th Note: Started following the drama a week into its broadcast, and then continued to follow it religiously on an almost daily basis.
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電視劇孤芳不自賞 General and I 第七集 EP07 鍾漢良 Angelababy(楊穎) CROTON MEGAHIT Official

“General and I” Review: An angsty and dragged out adventure that left my hopeful heart drained

The grieving queen finally talks some sense into the King. To find out more, edited, see here: Cookie Policy. Posted July 10. Can you imagine the pressure.

HX orders his man to kill PT but fails. She copped a lot of flak in the early episodes for being passionless which is what she was supposed to be anyway. Cyinese King refuses to listen to PT, so she writes some characters on the floor with her blood. BJ walks into the palace with a limp but still obeys his King.

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By sugarplum , May 3, in Mainland China. It' time to share some interesting things about the drama and the stars. For instance, which was the best kiss scene according to the leading couple? Find out the answer and more here. The original novel is based on imagined character in a fictional era.

January 20, Nobel declares PT dead Really! Like Liked by 1 person. The other male lead's arc just didn't do it for me. Episode PT continues to get whipped.

PingTing finally lets her guard down and makes sure BeiJie knows how much she cares for him. CBJ: Stop hiding and come to me. She has been taking care of the people around her all her life. She such a smart and calculating lady; no one can really fool her. When she reminisced about the brief encounter with BJ in her childhood, she sees him as another HX.


By Prettysup Started November 9, The way the plot begin in the novel is different from how the drama started. His whole world changed because of his father committing suicide so that he would revenge his death and go after Chu Bei Jie.

Summertime filming was challenging to actors who were heavy clothes for a fictional winter. The other male lead's arc just didn't do it for me. Chewywon : I really think Angelababy is doing a fine job in this drama. Historical fiction Chinesse.

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