Easy to read science books

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easy to read science books

Recommended Science Books For Non-Scientists

Some of the greatest nonfiction books about science read like novels. They borrow tropes and narrative tricks from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more — turning great discoveries into great adventures. Here are twenty-three science books that are better than genre fiction because they're true. This is just a starter list for you because there are dozens more books I could have included from the dawn of scientific writing up through stuff published last month. I've tried to offer a representative sample, picking from classic works as well as science books that borrow their styles from a few popular genres.
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Book reviews - Three popular science books you should read (and one you shouldn't)

The 20 Highest-Rated Science Books on Goodreads & Amazon

Tom Peck. My English course textbook sciebce a chapter from the book. This book takes readers on a trip through famous haunted houses and attempts to use science to see if ghosts are real. I think a year old can understand it easily.

Tom Peck! Bill Gates called "Enlightenment Now" his "new favorite book of all time," and that's high praise coming from someone who reads over 50 books a year. It sets out, and prognosticates over how we'll make the transition to a society fully powered by renewable energy, in typical Dawkins style. Smil makes the case that eady consumption and economic growth are undeniably linked.

Brains, black holes and betentacled beasts — all that and more in these engagingly accessible reads. Popular science is a protean genre spanning hundreds of topics, and this article tries to reflect that fact — we have books on neuroscience, books on genetics, books that blend neuroscience with memoir, books that blend genetics with memoir, books on the octopus, books on time and books on black holes.
the song of ice and fire ebook

"The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert

Bryson covers everything from the Big Bang to the beginning stages of civilization in an easy-to-read format. Unlike textbooks, which tend to use dry, boring text, Bryson inserts wit and humor into all of the subjects he covers. Penned by Randall Monroe, the creator behind XKCD, this book seeks to answer silly hypothetical questions by using real science. This book covers subjects in the realms of physics, chemistry, evolution and more. In addition to the written word, this book also uses original drawings and diagrams to illustrate its points. Children will first learn the science behind the experiment and then immediately put that knowledge to the test using common household ingredients found throughout the house. In addition to written articles, this book also includes color photographs, statistics and experiments.


With his distinctive prose style and wit, Cosmos stood out for offering a bright ray of hope that humanity would prevail - by embracing science. In a sea of books about dreading the future, Bryson succeeds admirably. What are some good science books for children. Subscribe to Independent Premium.

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  1. What are the best science books for red general public. The way Stephen Hawking explains complex physics in the simplest of language, intrigued me on the subject. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. A Short History of Nearly Everything.🚴‍♂️

  2. Synthesizing decades worth of work from many scientists and historians, and medicine, and great philosophers and scientists, with Mead as the participant observer among Samoan "aliens. Futurist Ray Kurzweil has thought deeply about the role computational power and artificial intelligence will play in our future. It was basically your classic "first contact" science fiction novel. The book was written to help the public understand topics relating to scien.🤾‍♀️

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