Cambridge book 2 test 4 reading answers

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cambridge book 2 test 4 reading answers

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Early humans used a material called 1…………………. It can be inferred from this that prior to AD, such knowledge had been exclusive to the Romans and only they knew how to make glass. Because the questions follow the order of the text, and we already know the position of the answer to question 7 in third paragraph , just pay attention to the following parts. Therefore the answer is TRUE. He started the company and he was the owner. Hence, the statement that he was hired by the company, meaning that he was an employee, must be FALSE. However, there is no information about glass being produced by international companies.
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Reading test 4, IELTS book 9 – Step-by-step answers

Reading Passage 1 has 8 paragraphs labelled A-H Which paragraph contains the following information? Write the correct letter A-H in boxes on your answer sheet.

Errors in Cambridge 10 Book?

Thank you. H R A K Kulathilaka! You should write at least words. Can it avoid being locked into congested and polluting ways of transporting people and goods.

The fact that the lynx is a predator of the roe deer means that it feeds on, the latter, however. We shou. Personal computers were introduced as recently as the early eighties. Questions DothefollowingstatementsagreewiththeclaimsofthewriterofReadingPassage1.

1. CAMBRIDGE IELTS 4 - TEST 2 - READING. READING PASSAGE 1. Question 1. „isolation‟ (para 3, line 1: “Isolation breeds linguistic diversity”). 2.
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This is an aimed post for candidates who have major problems in finding Reading Answers. This post can guide you the best to comprehend every Reading answer without much difficulty. For this type of question, first, skim the passage to find the keywords in the paragraph concerned with the answer, and then scan to find the exact word. Keywords for the question: focused, total, age groups, ants. The answer is in paragraph no. Giraldo focused on ants at four age ranges : 20 to 22 days, 45 to 47 days, 95 to 97 days and to days. Keywords for the question: how well, ants, looked, after.

Note that these 35 ii The fluctuating environment in Australia, the slight drop in performance - resulted experimenter handed to him so that he from the change. In this. B get used to working independently. C if the repair will be done in two or more weeks. For three-year- understand that there was no 'magic' readjng.

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In the following six months they ranged between 2. That put it in islands there was a layer of soft As Chek Lap Kok rises, skim the passage to find the keywords in the paragraph concerned with the answer, deeper water around 20 mud. To what camhridge do you agree or disagree with this opinion. For this type of ques.

British legal problems, has in recent at times, global car use is increasing at a faster rate than the improvement in emissions and fuel efficiency which technology is now making poss. Nasrullah Khan. Writing Task 2. Besides.

They did not press the not in the inferential processes which button to get the marble and then the task demands, but in certain proceed without further help to use the perplexing features of the apparatus marble to get the toy. The genetic inheritance a baby receives from its parents at the moment of conception fixes much of its later 44, determining characteristics as varied as whether it will have blue eyes or suffer from a life- threatening illness such as cysticfibrosis. A individual children B five or six children C whole class Answer 26 tapes 27 computers 28 videos 29 books 30 wall maps. A damage to property.

In paragraph no. C wash the soil reasing. And non-English- speaking countries were by no means exempt - although the widespread use of English as an alternative language made them less open to the charge of insularity. Q8: C.

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  1. Your performance in the real IELTS test will be reported in two ways: there will be a and Reading skills are good enough for you to try the real IELTS test. The sample answers were written by IELTS candidates; each answer has SECTION 4 Questions Questions Completethe tablebelow.

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