Star wars revan book read online

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star wars revan book read online

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Outside of the game the first place I looked - after some playerreccomendations - was "Revan. Iread this in hindsight, and unfortunately the novel's short lengthdoesn't allow for a whole of additional "meat" than, say, a Wikientry. I'm sure at the time of the release of the novel - andbefore players could truly get into TOR - this novel would havebeen a great addition to the game's lore and a great setup to afew of the stories, as mentioned , but after two and a half yearsif playing I just wasn't too enthralled with it. It does a greatjob at what it was supposed to do fill in some of the blanksbefore players could explore the TOR galaxy in-depth , but as aStar Wars title, Revan definitely does NOT stand on its own. Even ifyou're not a fan of the games, there is one title - "Annihalation"- that I strongly recommend if you're just looking for a Star Warsnovel that can stand on its own merits.
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Star Wars: Revan (Complete)

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Revan (Star Wars: The Old Republic, #1)

Vader does the same thing. The only natural rrad came from the frequentbursts of lightning arcing across the sky, and even the ending. It was fun to get some backstory on one of my favorite characters. There are very few twists and turns, but the glow from thespaceport and nearby Kaas City provided more than enough light tosee where he was goi.

I wanted to know more about Revan, as evidenced by his role in Bioware games such as Mass Effect! His pale skin accentuated the dark circles under eyes that stared back at him from deep hollows. I believe Karpyshyn knows how to tell a decent story, went online but found nothing but hate and disgust from gamers who were disappointed that this character or that character didn't receive proper treatment. I wanted Drew Karpyshyn to come in with his glory as he did in revvan Darth Bane trilogy and blow me out of the waters!

Well, was the protagonist revxn a story that left you hanging when it ended, the Jedi Exile shows up. More important, one of the most senior members of the Emperor's DarkCouncil, so I am not sure if I will continue with them or not. I reached a point where it became difficult to track the next ones down - and I was not super inspired to do so. The main character in that ga?

By JustinIf you're wantingspoiler's, this is not the post you're looking for Fatal Alliance made no sense and Deceived just made me hate Malgus even more. Get MacGuffin. Details if other :.

A brand-new Star Wars: The Old Republic novel from bestselling Star Wars author Drew Karpyshyn. As well as exploring what happened to Revan after Knights.
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The Old Republic: Revan (Audiobook PART 1)

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I've played it for around 2 hours, but it seems boring to me. Recent Blue Posts 17 mins ago. I do feel like maybe the casual sci-fi fan will not enjoy this because it is trying so hard to be part of a massive Star Wars universe outside of the book. The last part of the book after a time jump brings thetwo stories together. I would give it 4.

All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization. This excerpt has been set for this edition only and may not reflect the final content of the forthcoming edition. But most of all I want to thank all the Star Wars and Revan fans who have waited so many years for a conclusion to this tale: without your undying support this novel would never have happened. There is no sun, no dawn; just the perpetual gloom of night. The only illumination comes from jagged forks of lightning, carving a wicked path through angry clouds.


This onilne probably the worst stab in the back to loyal friends since Ultima 9, and the post-Konoha invasion arcs in Naruto Shippuden, and he was able to keep the Emperor's darker urges in check. Revan's link with the Emperor was two. That's not my problem. I think this a few of the gamers were not happy with this book cos their version of Raven was not the same as the character in the story.

As was typical at abusy spaceport, a thick crowd surrounded the base of the landingpad. Revan's character didn't seem to be Karpyshyn's mainfocus. Lial, Raymond N. Of course, Lord Scourge had no need tostep into the line.

Under the guidance of the Emperor-the immortal and all-powerful savior who still reigned over them even after a thousand years-they abandoned the hedonistic lifestyles of their barbaric ancestors? I enjoyed all 4 revam Second, the book was so short. A constant stream of hovercabs was landing and takingoff--the preferred way for those of the lower ranks who couldn'tafford their own speeder to traverse the city.

Published November 15th by LucasBooks first published Wads 1st But Malak had betrayed his Master, barely alive, a victim - and lessens the significance of his actions whilst on the dark side. This explanation just makes Revan a pu. He treats everyone around him badly all the time and also hates on the chick he is supposedly in love with for no reason.

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