5 star sweet potato recipes

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5 star sweet potato recipes

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The sweet potatoes are tender and creamy, while the streusel topping adds a delightful buttery crunch thanks to the pecans! The crunchy butter pecan crumble topping really sets it apart. The sweet potatoes are so tender, creamy, and fluffy while the crumbly, streusel topping adds a buttery, brown sugary crunch thanks to the pecans. I used Fisher Pecan Halves. Fisher Nuts are preservative-free and non-GMO Project Verified, making them an excellent choice for cooking and holiday baking. The resealable bag helps keep the nuts fresh for longer.
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6 Delicious Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes or yams are a must-serve at the Thanksgiving table, and usually they're just topped with brown sugar and marshmallows and baked.​ Sweet Potato Casserole is just a little twist on tradition ​ Cayenne pepper gives Spicy Sweet Potatoes their kick.

Five 5-Star Sweet Potato Recipes

Thank you for a great recipe. My family absolutely loves sweet potatoes. Servings: To store: Store sweet potato casserole covered in the refrigerator for days.

Make filling. The recipe is here on the post in a printable form. Can I cook the recipe a head - cook the night before TG day, and reheat in the oven or pofato. Comments These sweet potatoes look amazing.

Use these to make Melting Sweet Potatoes:

BAKED SWEET POTATO - how to bake sweet potatoes perfectly

Of all of the wonderful ways sweet potatoes can be served, one of my all time favourites is Melting Sweet Potatoes. The uncomplicated, high-temperature cooking method condenses both the sweet and savoury qualities of sweet potatoes. There are a lot of recipes out there for sweet potatoes with maple syrup or brown sugar. I find sweet potatoes to be sweet enough on their own, though. Anything else puts them into the dessert category for me. The last minute addition of vegetable broth and chopped garlic boosts the sweet and savoury melting sweet potatoes into the umami stratosphere as the broth reduces to a fragrant sauce and the garlic roasts. These 1-inch thick, mahogany slabs become so tender on the inside that they yield completely to the edge of a spoon.

Notify me of new posts by email? Melting sweet potatoes! One table finished theirs and stole the remaining one from the other table. We had it as part of our Thanksgiving dinner. And she made sure that I knew the difference between sweet potatoes and yams.

What do you look forward to the most? Is it the big beautiful turkey? Leftover turkey sandwiches are the best! Is it the mashed potatoes and gravy? Oh yea! Or, the cranberry sauce?


This comforting dish unites tenderly mashed sweet potatoes, brown sugar and butter with a hint of cinnamon. Rating: 5. Cook Time 1 hour. This is the best sweet potato casserole I've ever had.

These 1-inch thick, mahogany slabs become so tender on the inside that they yield completely to the edge of a spoon. Oh yea. Thank you for a great recipe. Serve immediately.

Author: Lauren Allen. The recipe is here on the post in a printable form. Can you give advice on how to reheat for Thanksgiving if made the night before. The easy, tart-and-sweet dressing is just bursting with flavor!.

Read More. I have always used fresh sweet potatoes for this, and several years ago I learned how to cook them in my Instant Pot best method. Bring to a boil. Oof indeed.

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