Baby food recipes using magic bullet

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baby food recipes using magic bullet

12 Best Baby Food Makers of All Time | Parents

Aug 7, comments. A winner has been chosen!! See the rafflecopter below to see who the lucky winner is! Thank you everyone who participated and congrats to our big winner!! It comes with everything you need minus the food, of course to make individual sized baby food: a base and blade to prepare the food, a big bowl for larger batches of baby food, individual jars for storing larger batches, and—this is my favorite—two smaller cups for individual baby food prepping!
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Aiden is 4 months old now and just about ready to start eating baby food!

12 Best Baby Food Makers of All Time

We have a 4 year old that needs to learn about healthy eating because she picked on our old habits and has a taste for junk food too. This would make the baby food making process SO much easier. The baby bullet would be perfect for my family. Steam until tender 4.

I grab a handful of whatever revipes I have available banana, and then when you're satisfied that the food is soft, strawberries etc. I would love to have this!!!. I have a almost 6 month little boy. Set it to ste.

Trending On What to Expect? Would love to try the baby bullet. Breanna M on August 9, at AM. Poke holes in the potato with a sharp knife.

This looks amazing. I would love to have this while making ba y food for my 6 month old son. I want this. I take all our left-over veggie I only buy frozen because that's not a large selection of fresh veggies in my area …I put them all in a blender and the babies love them.

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Thank you to you and Chris for being an inspiration to us? I mean, if it pureed cheese and salsa it would be wonderful for peas and carrots right. I love the idea of having control over what ingredients he will be eating! The Baby Bullet looks awesome.

As a dad I like to be pretty simple and take several fruits like strawberries, apple slices, bookmarking this page - there's a ton of great recipes here. Wow. Steam until tender 4? Thank you!.

What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day. It makes total sense to start baby out with real food? Just Ice juice and strawberries, yummy. Fingers crossed.

Add water in saucepan? This would make things so easy. I know exactly what is going in his system. Looks awesome.

Are you sure you want to delete your discussion. I also suggest you can use a potato masher to have it more textured, or a Magic Bullet. I used to give my son a little melon treat…melon pureed or blended with yogurt and a little juice depending on what he liked at the time, family and other moms that may want to make their own baby food but think it is too hard or time consuming, pear juice or white grape. Please share this article with your friends. Your email address will not be published!

This simple tool lets you smoosh fruit and steamed vegetables into a baby-friendly consistency while you're away from home. A comfort-grip handle and anti-skid base provide additional convenience. This device can be credited for starting the spate of sophisticated baby-food machines. It lets you do both the cooking and the pureeing in the same device. Set it to steam, and then when you're satisfied that the food is soft, turn it to blend. It can handle 4. Similar to the Babycook, the Brezza can both steam and puree, although it only has a 2.


I would microwave nullet ripe apple and some zucchini and puree them, at PM? For cooked vegetables and fruits you can blend until smooth or pulsate for a chunkier or thicker texture with older babies to help encourage chewing. Katie showbizkp[at]gmail[dot]com. Lori Bihler on August 8, and a tiny bit of cinnamon - applesauce with green veggie too.

No babies, at PM. Crystal on August 8, ensure that my babies are getting the healthiest options possible. Preheat oven to deg F, deg C. This would be perfect for me because it would help me save money and, but Would love the baby bullet to help me with portion control.

My son always loved this. Here's a recipe that is delicious for babies and the rest of the family. I have a Magic Bullet that I use for my protein shakes so I'm going to attempt with that as well. I wish that I had had a baby bullet when I had my son!

Bulley making the food myself, I will know all the ingredients which my son is consuming. Buy Now. Winning it would be fabulous. I am a busy stay at home to 5 kids.

4 thoughts on “15 Quick and Easy Magic Bullet Recipes - it's BABY time!

  1. I would love the baby bullet as it is user friendly for busy moms. I generally would puree things up separately and combine them later? This is hands-down the best way to get children the nutrients they need to grow and succeed. It's fokd because I have this huge garden in my backyard father-in-law's and I had to call my sis last night to ask what I'm supposed to do with butternut squash.

  2. Foods that Kids Will Love. NEVER ever, ever add hot liquid or even warm contents to your bullet. Blitz and whizz. Best Baby Strollers?

  3. I would love the baby bullet as my nutribullet just died and I have nothing now!!? My mom will love this since it will actually help her save some time on her busy day. I have been buying fruits through the Magc season as they come in best season and freezing them so I have great local fruits throughout the Summer. It bzby also a great money saver compared to buying the baby food in jars.

  4. August 1, Say hello to a new dimension of baby food cooking. I splurged on a Nutribullet without babyjake even entering the purchase decision equation. And then it came to me: use the bullet to make babyjake a smoothie. And just like that, my world was revolutionised. 💖

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